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Opção + Futuro : Sensibilizar para a Migração positiva
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

The "Option+Future" project aims to contribute to reduce negative impacts and effects that migration phenomena promote in younger populations and hence on origin and destination territories. This way project seeks to ensure that young people, and people that work with and for them, get better prepared (sensitized, informed and trained) to identify different life course options, particularly regarding chosing between migrating or staying in origin territory, recognizing the opportunities, threats, advantages and disadvantages that may occur from each of these options.The project includes multidisciplinary actions (awareness-raising campaigns, local/regional training courses and thematic workshops, international Seminars and a youth exchange), taking into account diferent priorities and thematic approaches, such as: migration phenomena (as central topic) in direct connection with sustainable development principles (adressing other global issues affecting young people, such as employment, environement, health, culture and several of the Millennium Development Goals); Stimulate intercultural learning and cooperation networks among participants and end beneficiaries in the way to create knowledge, tolerance and understanding regarding migration issues (Cultural diversity and Strengthening the Euro-African dialogue, exchange and cooperation in the field of youth); Project actions designd to promote the active participation of young people and youth sector workers in local, regional and national strategies and policies regarding migration and sustainable development (Participation of young people); Treating sustainable development issues as base for positive life standards and entrepreneurial atitude (Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities and combating poverty and social exclusion).The project counts with 5 partners from: Portugal (Alentejo), Spain (Galicia), Mozambique (Maputo); S. Tomé e Príncipe (Príncipe) and Cabo Verde (S. Vicente), in whose territories actions will take place, involving a total of more than 170 active participants and nearly 2700 end beneficiaries.During the workprogram (12 months) partners will achieve a variety of outputs that will support actions development and dissemination process (website, DVD-Rom, training and information guides, awareness-raising guide, promotional video-clip, brochures and posters, art&photo collection, and other promotion and information materials).The partnership, responsible for project implementation, will act simultaneously as local, regional and national facilitator, promoting mainstreaming processes (horizontal - with other regional organizations, and vertical - with regional and national public authorities) through the involvement and active participation of stakeholders. This will be supported by national (training and workshops) and international actions (Seminars) and by specific awareness and information campaigns.It is expected, among others, to raise awareness and inform young people and youth sector players about the opportunities, threats, advantages and disadvantages of migration; To empower and train agents and decision makers of youth sector for the integration of best practices and awareness information on migration and sustainable development policies and supporting services; To share experiences and build innovative ¡nterinstitutional cooperation networking in the field of migration policies and sustainable development through youth participation.
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