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Online Vocational Training course on laparoscopy's ergonomics for surgeons and laparoscopic instruments' designers
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

Laparoscopic techniques represent a key milestone in the development of modern surgery, and it has been adopted as the gold standard for a growing number of procedures, offering a step change in quality of care, patient satisfaction and efficiency in use of health service resources. However, the increased technological complexity and poorly adapted equipment and surgical instruments , makes it more demanding and it involves a series or risks for the surgeon that could lead to severe musculoskeletal disorders.The medical community is increasingly concerned about the ergonomic disadvantages and risks associated with faulty, substandard or misused equipment. This represents an opportunity for instruments design companies to provide a new generation of ergonomic products. Innovation capabilities of companies rely on the competences and skills of their workforce, but at present, there are neither formal nor informal training courses specifically applied to laparoscopic instruments design. Therefore, training on surgical ergonomics would mean a great benefit for companies aimed at designing and manufacturing of laparoscopic instruments, since they could benefit from emerging ergonomic-oriented knowledge in order to improve their product’s value-added and competitiveness in the international market.Hence, there is a need for replying to a real innovation pressure in the laparoscopic field, at European level. Proper training and awareness among laparoscopic surgeons is essential, as well as training on ergonomic improvements in the surgical instruments will synergistically expand the application laparoscopic surgery, with the associated benefits for patients, and for surgeons, from now on. LapForm project aims to create, implement and set the basis for a pan-European exploitation of a new online VET course in laparoscopy ergonomics applied to product development of instruments addressed to design professionals, and posture and workplace-related ergonomics for surgeons.
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