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Online Training Materials for Undertakers – ANUBIS

The ANUBIS project will develop a distance-training programme for undertakers and employees in the funeral sector with a particular focus upon SMEs and micro-enterprises, which make up a large part of this sector in the participating countries. Project partners will undergo the design, development, piloting and introduction of an online, multimedia training course, comprising a series of 20-hour training modules. The content of the course will be encoded in learning objects and in addition to sector-based training will include company workflow simulations and a specific module on technological innovation within the funeral sector. Beyond this, the project will undergo the design and development of a Learning Management System in the form of an e-learning platform, compliant with the SCORM standards, able to host the developed training modules and licensed as Open Source Software allowing users to adapt and improve the platform in the future. Results of the project will include an analysis of key skills in the funeral sector; an online interactive training course of 350 hours duration; a learning management system/e-learning platform and project website providing additional learner support (debate & chat rooms, message board, e-mail, on-line help); a student/teacher guide to use of the platform and a technical guide for those introducing training content. Results will be produced in both EN & ES with the potential for extension to remaining partner languages. The developed training course, e-learning platform and support materials will be promoted via a dedicated website established for project dissemination and via a series of 3 Seminars (Open Days) whereby relevant national and international stakeholders will be invited to be informed of the project results.
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