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Online Multi-language Vocational Training Course on Children's Ergonomics for Product Designers
Start date: 01 Jan 2012,

Children’s ergonomics gather all the needs derived from the child-product interaction including physical (fitting, anthropometry, growth), physiological (thermal comfort, perspiration), motor aspects (adaptation to movements), psychological (cognitive capacity), or any combination of them (usability and safety). Children’s ergonomic needs significantly differ from adults’. Moreover, these needs evolve and change since birth to adolescence.The fulfilment of the particular interaction requirements of children and parents might bring a great opportunity for European industries developing products addressed to children (e.g. footwear, apparel, childcare, furniture, textiles or carriage), which gather over 10.000 companies and employ 350.000 people in Europe.In this sense, over last years, product differentiation strategies followed in these sectors have been based on assuring products’ safety (i.e. compliance safety standards). However, focus on safety no longer provides a protectable advantage since standards are already met by cheaper products from overseas competitors.During DESIGN4CHILDREN project, the analysis of companies’ competitiveness revealed that, despite scientific sources are available (e.g. databases, bibliography, scientific studies or research results), in practice, design teams of European SMEs find difficult to introduce ergonomic innovations beyond safety because they lack of specific training and competences on how to design for children. SMEs are limited to each company’s know-how and to the individual experience of designers, mainly gained over trial-and-error experiences of previous product releases.Since innovation capabilities of companies rely on the competences/skills of their workforce, and ergonomics is a still unexploited route-to-innovation, e-CHILD project aims to implement and set the basis for the exploitation of a new online training course in applied children ergonomics design addressed to product developers.
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