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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Hand Arts; one or more artists based on the knowledge and skills that vary according to environmental conditions, as well as offering pretty useful, easy to human life, to meet the needs; at home or in the studio all day or during leisure time or produced in a particular period; traditional, regional, functional, aesthetic, artistic, artistic, decorative, religious, socially symbolic character bearing; el defined as products with the aid of hand tools or mechanical means. We bring crafts or folk art also express our own feelings, we want to meet our own needs, is continuing today many traces period we exhibited our own pleasure. This art of our ties with our past and our future as it will no doubt riveted bridge. Today our country in various areas, often reaching from the past through apprenticeship and training areas specific to our craft that continued some areas, it is a known fact hold extinction than others. According to both the used materials and the applied technique, our crafts are classified in different ways. Crafts are social and cultural forms of life and it is the concrete expression of the belief systems and requirements. Crafts which comply with in developing environmental conditions occur in the community's feelings, by becoming reflects the artistic taste and cultural characteristics of "traditional" earned its status as crafts manufacturers apprentices from the masters, from father to son has transferred this tradition in time. Technological developments, foreign and to foreign goods privileges , migration, diversification of needs, change of habits, fashion and used for the reduction of raw materials or the cause of the disappearance was not a part of this craft has changed the mode of production and the function of a part. Our organization is aware of the importance of crafts for our country, nation's development therefore specialization of teachers for the purpose of providing training in this regard has already prepared for this project. 10 educators who will join within our projects, our mobility in Italy, they are going to receive training on the subject of crafts. Through training, our teachers will expand our horizons and educators will learn information and bring our country to our country will ensure the construction of new and different crafts. Thanks to our trainees who receive training participants to better serve our organization and will provide an increase in the dignity and prestige of our institution. One of the unique cultural values of crafts which can be an important source of income, can provide an important contribution to the country's economy and tourism are developing in our country today. Thanks to the training which they have received, our participants will bring back crafts which are our fading away on the agenda, try to protect, and learn how to teach in a different language and particularly people of the region will guide the development of the organization of our education, all of the country's economy, including women.
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