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Oneworld East (EVS)
Start date: May 1, 2016, End date: Oct 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

ONEWORLD- EAST"ONEWORLD- Cafe" , "ONEWORLD- CULTURE-Cafe" and „ONEWORLD-EAST (EVS)“, are a continuing series of projects that began in 2015. These projects bring together young people from Europe, Ukraine, and Russia, providing a platform and environment where contradictions and disagreements can be discussed, where friends can meet, and where enemies can reconcile. In this framework of cultural sharing, stories can be expressed, music and songs can be sung, films are made, acrobatics performed, meals shared, and coffee and tea drunk together in communion. The first leg of the project was held in southern Siberia in Russia from 22.02-22.03.2015, where 3 groups composed of youth from Russia and Germany built the basic material structures for the Mobile Cafe in the next leg of the project. These consisted of a Yurte in a light bamboo style, a small log cabin, furniture and other interior pieces for the cafe (5 Tachtui). The setting was a beautiful lake landscape in the eastern Saiyan mountains. The participants had overland trecks with snowshoes and skis, learnt from traditional art oriented craftsmen and gained valuable survival knowledge of the wild from local hunters. The various groups lived in traditional houses and in a Mongolian Yurte with a stove-oven. The project ended with The One World Cafe opening and official cultural event, ran together with the locals with whom they bonded and created strong friendships.Structure: 21 Day youth Exchange (01.03-21.03.2015)Participants: 20 + 3 RU; 20 + 3 GEProject Coordintation: Grüner Grashalm e.V. / InterraIn the second part of the project in August 2015, the One World Cafe held its first tour in Russia. The participants of the Project completed any necessary construction for the Cafe and toured around the Krasnoyarsk region through villages and youth clubs in the cities. They initiated small cultural events, interacted with local youth, and met the participants for the future legs of the project.Structure: 21 Day youth Exchange Project Coordintation: Deti Taigi / Interra / Grüner Grashalm e.V.Timing: 03.08.-23.08. 2015The third leg of the project in September 2015 was a tour of the The One World Cultural Cafe through the Cities in the Forest Region of the Karpatan Mountains in West Ukraine. Engagement with locals was achieved through Circus, Street Performance art, clowns, music, and good coffee and tea. The Cafe interacted with local social/youth workers who were interested and engaged in personal projects based around subjects of peace and intercultural conflict management. The next part of the project consisted of a Vision Quest in the same area, after which there was a basic training in the competencies of Democratic cooperation methods, historical backgrounds, and a planning session for the follow up projects. We taught and practiced the Northern American Indigenous “Way of Council“ as well as methods of Non-Violent communication, and we intend to go on by giving support to local youth initiatives by aiding in a school project and assist in the running of the Mid-East Festival. Structure: 10 day Training Course + 10 day Support Work 01.05.-20.05. 2015.Participants: 5 (RU, UA, D, PL, CZ) x 4 = 20Project Coordination: Grüner Grashalm e.V. / Green Cross UA / Khata Maysternya UAActuell now:From January 2016, 3-4 EVS volunteers from Ukraine, EU neighbor countries and Russia are needed to join the project. With their practical abilities they will help to further build and coordinate the project, bringing input from their local cultures and life experience. Along with their German colleques, they will also run 3 youth leadership trainings within 2016.In the Fourth leg of the Project in 2016, we will invite these youngsters and youth-workers from Russia and Ukraine to Germany for a two week workshop teaching how to create and run individual youth projects in their home countries. We will teach group leading competences, skills and methods for intercultural relation and adventure pedagogical actions, and project management and fundraising. This leg of the project will give the final quality educational fertilisation for the fruition of the participants learning and application of knowledge for the potential of creating future projects. Finally one chosen project will be brought into fruition and implimented immediately.Structure: Trainings CoursesParticipants: 5 UA; 5 RU ; 5D; 5 PL; 5ROWith this line of projects, we want to build the fundaments and bridges for the fruition of cooperative youth projects which move beyond ideological and nationalistic barriers and create the opportinity for continuing future actions and projects.
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