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One day of differences
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 28 Feb 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Training-seminar "One day of Differences" will take place on 4-13th of October in Moldova and it has the goal to help youth workers develop new tools and competences in the field of children inclusion and promotion. The project is a result of a Training Course "Limitless Freedom" where the partners took part in October 2013 in Moldova. During the activity representatives of partner organization agreed that the problems that suffer the excluded children from orphanages and the lack of promotion of this problem from the side of young people is common in different countries, thus they agreed to organize a project that will help to improve that situation. In the children's homes and orphanages of our country there are about five thousand children, one fifth of which - are orphans. For Moldova, its is huge number. In the Republic of Moldova there are about 40 institutions working with children without parental care. The main cause of orphans in Moldova - low living standards of most of the population of the country. In the children's homes, not only children which had lost the parents, but also children with disabilities whose parents refused them. Children who are taken away from drug addicts, alcoholics, those whose parents were sent to the prison. And unfortunately, there are children, whose parents surrendered themselves because they "failed" to educate them. We can judge about the conditions in which the children without parental care live only by watching films/movies that usually made not from reality. Everyday children need attention, somebody who will be interesting wit them out of this building. Not everybody know even how many children houses in Moldova or where are they. What you can do for children and how to show this problem to the world, what to do to change it? Once gathered together and touching upon the orphanage , we came to the conclusion that the best way to help in social terms - to grasp it by at least one day in the life of a child who lives in an orphanage. Created such an idea - to spend one day with the camera , and what surrounds the child from the orphanage and write a little story . Let 's not about each of them , but at least on some occasions. We really want to show the world and the existence of our society with your children who need not just a place under the sun, they are incredibly deprived of our human attention . Creating a video, we will be able to devote the entire day to children - listening to the stories of their lives , or what any dream . Understand what is important to them that they care about or do happier. States often decide for them, but does not even ask what they really want ? What do they dream ? Maybe they want all day just playing with us . Let this day be as what they want to see ! In this project we , by training participants to shoot a documentary video can show the problems of orphans within. As children feel it , and not as someone shows us , or writes as it is mounted in the movies . Our task is to show the reality that will attract and make the understanding of each of us to change their indifferent attitude towards those who dream about the same happiness that we are.
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