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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our students and we trainers wake up in every morning saying “Hello!” for a new technological day. Changes and innovations coming with developing technology in the globalized world order considerably affect the fields of education and training, too. Though the easy accessibility of information increases in this time when the internet using speedily boosts, an informational pollution comes by it. At those times, reliability of information starts to question, but it does not end only with it; it takes students away from social environments even if partly. In addition, some slowdowns occurred in some abilities of students like speaking, expressing (himself), reading (meaningfully), and writing. We have reached some information by the studies that we have made on literacy, understanding, and using a technological product in the level of primary school. Only 8% of primary school students do not like reading, but 40% read fondly. Most of these students usually like reading together with their parents. In fact, this rate keeps on decreasing year by year. Children like reading together with their parents during their education of primary school, but when they start to secondary school, parents leave reading together with their children for some reason. Parents begin to think that the activity of reading is only under the responsibility of school. After a while later, students’ desire of reading continues with the opinion about it is necessary solely for an academic success. In addition, the students’ rate of internet use at school is 63% and the rate at home is 89%. The half of 9-16 group of age prefers meeting on the web to meeting on face-to-face*. The main target of our project is to develop the students’ basic skills like reading, understanding, writing, communication necessary for social life, and awareness facilitating life. While all these things are done, it is aimed at students to enjoy the activities that they make and particularly the harmonization of students, who have socio-economic disadvantages and will be included in this project, into the school culture thanks to this project. It is left us trainers in a difficult situation to form a certain school and class culture for our students because their parents have a lower educational background. It is one of the most important deficiencies to be overcome by both our students and our parents that they cannot see the school as a step for future successes. In order to reach the aims under the project, we have planned a lot of activities together with our partner schools for both our students and families and school teachers to contribute in pleasure. For the first year, each student of partner schools will take various photos on their lives at school and out of school, and they will share these photos with other schools by their teachers. These photos will be examined by students, and it will be provided for students to talk about photos in the class and explain and understand another child via these photos. In this manner, it is aimed at developing the skill of speaking for students. In order to reach this aim, it is planned that sometimes various trips are organized, students take notes about things they see in these trips and share them with their friends by a presentation. Students in this manner can develop their level of awareness, besides. By the partner schools share some power point presentations, video, etc., which belong to their own countries and introduce their national fairy tales, every student of partner school will have an opportunity to know and learn fairy tales and legendary characters in every culture. The studies to be done for the second year will focus on authorship more. The activities performed for focusing on reading, understanding, awareness, and attention in this first year will give its place to authorship in the second year. Students, by the informational accumulation that they obtain and the guidance of competent people, can learn the methods of effective writing. In addition, it will be wanted the students to write a story with the concepts that will be fixed in the project meetings. When the half of story is completed, the story written in the mother language will be translated into English and sent the partner school, which is matched in the meetings. The rest of story will be made oneself complete in that country. A story starting in a country will have completed in another country in this way. After the story writings finish, students will draw some pictures related to these stories. In the storybook, which will be a product of project, stories and also pictures of stories will belong to the students. The team that we will take a support for every activity that we will make under the two-year project has been selected through the best ones of their fields of study. (Their names take part in the other paragraphs)
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