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On the road
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 30 Apr 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European politics as well as the mass media and especially people of all countries currently look at a special situation: the appropriate measures to deal with people who are looking for protection and asylum in European countries because of war and persecution. But to be able to filter what distinguishes facts from opinions or even incitement and propaganda, it requires a lot of knowledge and empathy, especially when it is about children and adolescents.The seminar "On the road" is aimed at full-time and volunteer staff in youth work, who are confronted in different ways with children and adolescents who have left their home due to either flight, pursuit or for other reasons and who are now looking to settle in their new homelands. It is about education at several levels: a) content, b) in person, c) social and d) organisationally.The content level relates to the transfer of knowledge. In this seminar relevant content for the care and work with the affected children and adolescents are needed. the following topics are covered: work and housing, law, historical contexts and causes of flight, economic consequences, the meeting of different cultures (including values and religions.), trauma, crisis intervention and suicide prevention, as well as possibilities for the prevention of extremism.The personal level refers in particular to the reflective part of the seminar. Through exercises, self-experience and by the application of artistic media (eg. as land-art, sculptures, performing performances) it is also possible to reach the emotional level of the participants and to change attitudes on this way.The social level is accessed through the personal encounters at the seminar. The participants come from different regions and countries of Europe and thus bring a different cultural knowledge and different traditions and mindsets. By working with this diversity, the European dimension of the seminar is encouraged..The experiences and the informations also effect on sending organizations and their networks. The participants appear as multipliers. The documentation of the project help to gain a long-term success of the course.The seminar itself is carried out interactive and participatory. The participants organize themselves into working groups, put their knowledge and expertise together, discuss and provide the outcome to the participants of the other working groups. Furthermore inputs are given the whole group. Decision-makers, experts and stakeholders are invited to participate in the seminar too.
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