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On the road to entrepreneurship
Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today’s school is trying to become a modern institution equipped with new technologies, still making more and more attractive educational offers to be appealing on the educational market. Partners taking part in the project “On the road to entrepreneurship” realise the fact that the school priority should definitely be developing students’ key competence. It is extremely important to mention that despite the fact they study certain profession, they still do not know what they will do after graduation. Following our graduates’ careers we find out that they usually start the job which is not correlated with their education. Besides, living in the society where the rules of market economy apply makes young people be creative, flexible and open to new and brave ways of thinking.Therefore the aim of the project is to develop their key and entrepreneurial competences and prepare students to create their own career path.The task is particularly important because as the results of market research reveal nowadays young men will be forced to change their profession even a few times in their life time. An enterprising man is creative, curious about the world, able to set goals, make decisions, solve problems and manage own time. In order to awaken all of these traits and abilities, there will be established a school enterprise, in each of the schools, run by the students. Running school company will enable the students to gain competences in selling goods and services, managing own enterprise and creating a business and production plan. Apart from the knowledge teachers will give them some advice, guidance and the courage to take challenges, make their business dreams come true, and they will help them become creative and committed as well as they will make them eager to take risk. The project is supposed to give them some practical ‘at start’ tips to make their independent beginnings easier. All the project activities are essential to encourage students to build and develop their personal competence necessary for both personal and professional development. We realize that students need the contact with real businessmen during their education. It is important to acquire the knowledge and gain some experience. So we planned Job experience for students which will take place during the international meetings. Not only will they enable the students to see different jobs and their character but also discover their own skills and qualifications which will be essential when starting their first job in the future. The people from business world will become mentors for students who will inspire them to conscious education during their career path. Whey will be experts in the given field giving young people valuable advice and sharing their knowledge and experience.They will tell them how realise their ambitions and become a professionally fulfilled man. We would like the mentoring to be a long-term process and to be continued after finishing the project. We wish to start a long lasting cooperation between school and local companies to support the students. Implementing such activities requires developing necessary and innovative tools, which will help the teachers support the students’ work. During the international project meetings teachers will have a chance to compare different curricula, develop lesson plans for lessons of entrepreneurship which will be devoloped in English. The team from Belgium will take care of the e-version of these lesson plans. Next, the lessons will be led and tested during the international meetings with the students.The outcomes of this will enrich the school curricula and introduce bilingual education. This way teachers’ motivation will increase. One of the main tasks for teachers will be to spread the results of the project around and send them to other schools and institutions. The activities will also promote the school and European programs in the local surroundings. Because the topic of the projects implies developing the competences within the broad field of entrepreneurship, a blog “Entrepreneurial Europe” will be run by all of the students of partner schools. Youth will inform their peers about current affairs in the field of entrepreneurship.The blog will be run in English and systematically updated. The common international work will develop the language skills but also reading comprehension, and the ability to use and process texts. What is more, students will learn to select information. Students will be assisted by teachers who will work with the students using diversified methods of finding information, e.g. Webquest. There will be six European schools involved in the project from: Poland, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Hungary and Portugal. The results will be also getting to know European cultures and promotion of other regions which will be visited. Due to such activities we have an opportunity to educate self-confident, open and communicative citizens who will respect one another.
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