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On-the-job e-Training Skills to Deal with Digital Cultural Heritage Content

The project's main objective is to develop the tools, methodology and related content for vocational, on-the-job, e-training for employees of cultural memory institutions such as museums, galleries, libraries & cultural archives. Appropriate technology, methods and standards for digitising cultural objects will need to be mastered, digitally captured and processed using new and available technologies. Course content for trainees, will rely upon the digitalisation of cultural heritage objects via a multimedia package and upon the description, annotation and indexing of such objects. Beyond the digitalisation and indexing exercise, project partners will develop means for remote collaborative working amongst institutions. Internet-based, portal technology will form the cornerstone for development of digital information on cultural objects. Beyond this, project partners will create multi-media training materials with course content being presented as a range of modules reflecting different levels of training requirement. Learners will thus access the repository of course content through using the project's 'virtual training studio' which will form a part of the project's e-culture campus. A dedicated project website will contain information on the developed courses, will host a 'virtual showroom', and will provide a base for the dissemination of project outcomes. Dissemination will rely upon attendance at educational and cultural events, exhibitions and trade shows.
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