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On-line Performance Support Environment for Minimally Invasive Orthopaedic Surgery

One of the main directions of the Bulgarian national strategy to implement the electronic Healthcare in Bulgaria responding to the European eHealth strategy is to continuous and sufficient education of healthcare specialists on ICT usage and to building working telemedical applications etc. This project focuses on transfer of innovative training approach and courses developed within the Leonardo da Vinci project for training and disseminating modern aspects of computer assisted surgery in the public health care sector. Its aim is to meet the training requirements of medical staff which have arisen due to developments in biomedical engineering and information and communications technology. In particular, new developments in applications ranging from image processing to robotics lead to new approaches to diagnosis (image processing and analysis) and minimally invasive surgery (arthroscopy). To this end, the project is setting up an integrated system for the dissemination of innovative techniques and training. A set of training courses developed by the Greek partners within the EPICUROS project for new technologies in minimally invasive surgery will be transferred and adapted to the new user needs, structured in a web-database and a communications network for video conferencing and live distance training on new procedures and operations. Through the system, training in new approaches, practices and techniques in the biomedical engineering field will be provided to doctors, medical staff and technicians. It will provide the users (orthopaedists, surgeons and anaesthetists) with instant and on-site access (at hospitals, clinics) to information about the techniques and methods used in diagnosis and computer assisted surgeries.The On-lineOrtho project features well-balanced partnerships in terms of organisations involved and expertise required. It involves training organisations and universities, hospitals and university clinics. The project partners from UIo and BioMed were the main developers of courses within the EPICUROS project, and they will transfer their results in Bulgaria and Ireland. The partners from PU developed the IPSS _EE system for physics, microelectronics, informatics university education, and they will transfer their results to the medical sector. Masho EOOD are experts in information technology experienced in development of e-learning materials. They developed the environment fro training micro- and nanoelectronics in two pilot projects from LdV programme. They will be responsible for the implementation of ICT and the on-line surgery demonstrations. The partners from the Bulgarian medical university clinic and VITA hospital and from the Irish university clinic wish to implement the innovations in their daily practice and to participate in the selection, adaptation and use of the intelligent medical learning environment and the development of new learning materials. The main outcomes will be the intelligent medical performance support environment for surgery training with regular life on-line arthroscopy demonstrations of specific cases and courses in computer assisted orthopaedics adapted to the needs of Bulgaria and Ireland. Besides the adapted old courses three new courses will be developed for anaesthetists, orthopaedic surgeons and medical students on completion of a needs analysis. These will be courses in selection of the content, adaptation and up-grade with new developed learning materials of a course in Hand Surgery, Knee/Shoulder Arthroscopy, Musculoskeletal Surgery and PNB (anaesthesia).The expected impact is:- Physicians, medical staff and technicians provided with on-the-job training in new approaches, practices and techniques in the biomedical engineering field and with information about the techniques and methods used in diagnosis and computer assisted surgeries, i.e. to the evidence based medicine.- Increased European multidisciplinary research and training excellence in biomedical ...

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