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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Integrated management in agriculture and, by extension, in viticulture, in fact there is an alternative method of cultivation, but more a way of rationalization of chemical inputs and cultivation interventions in order to reduce the negative effects on the environment without jeopardizing economic survival of the farm. The program negotiates close and continuous monitoring of the holding of the vineyard, so any problems are identified and treated in time, in the most appropriate manner. For lubrication, the amount and type of fertilizer, there is analysis of the soil and leafs. For the control of insects traps and predatory mites are used, such as the use of certain biological preparations where applicable. The Network of Wineries of Heraklion in light of these developments has designed this project "INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF VINE-CULTURE", which refers to the integrated management of vineyards, i.e. a series of principles and procedures to be applied, taking into account the specific circumstances of the environment. This policy is aimed at effective and profitable production which is economically viable and environmentally responsible. Because of these and in conjunction with guaranteed profits of growers, the trend in modern agriculture is to comply with the rules of good agricultural practice and certification of integrated management. Through the project, the trainees will be trained in the ways of integration of beneficial natural processes with modern agricultural practices and use of advanced technology in order to minimize environmental risks, along with maintenance, encouragement and recreating what is environmentally important. The participants NEEDS focus on the following: 1. to implement in compliance with the Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the vineyards, 2. to allow the use of fertilizers and pesticides, but only after analysis and accurate diagnosis of the need of each crop and in accordance with the specific soil conditions of each region and 3. To focus on producing high quality products. The specific objectives of the program are the participants to be trained in modern techniques applied abroad, and are specifically distinguished: • the organization of viniculture with good agricultural practices, • in the planning of agricultural production, • the application of Integrated Management rules of the vineyard, • the right choice of the rational use of resources, • to conduct ongoing audits of the vineyard in order to control the parameters for compliance with the proper use of fertilizers and pesticides, • To protect consumers and the environment. The results of the project entitled "INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF VINE-CULTURE" are summarized as follows: 1. the organization of the farm with production planning, 2. control at all stages of the production process, 3. constantly updating and training of the producers concerned, 4. lower production costs due to the rational use of inputs, 5. Production quality, safe and competitive products. Participants are businessmen and managers of human personnel of the sector aiming to educate their staff regarding the training subject and come from member companies of the sending institution. The total project duration is 12 days and will take place in Portugal, in the region in Porto, which has vineyards, with the participation of 18 beneficiaries. During the training process all educational adult learning methods will be followed in order to provide the best possible learning outcomes. The host organization selected is Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade and has extensive experience and expertise regarding mobility and adult education and has great expertise in this training subject. Scheduled visits to companies deemed valuable and will contribute significantly to the skills of the participants.

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