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Okulumuz Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojisinde Avrupa Yolunda
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school , which started its education in 1989 , is in one of the best ten schools that send students to the prestigious universities in our city.Our school,which is a good example of good education and being the first Anatolian High School in our city,has got 4 directing staff (one principal and three vice managers),42 teachers and 520 students.The rate of the students winning the university exam from our school is %90 .So, our school is a school which has really good success in Turkey.Through its success,our school is preferred in the students’ top choices. In our age,every progress in the field of education, interests other countries,too.EU Countries are in cooperation about educational activities as well as in other fields.”smart growth”,which is one of the priorities of Europe 2020 strategy,thinks of information and communication Technologies and reforms as the key in the future development and,improving the quality in cooperation and forming new education systems by providing research and information transfer.Our country has started FATİH Project and has begun to practise it to improve our education system and to form Innovation Union in our education system. However; The analysis performed at our school,that is, the result of the observation and research, has shown that the experience and knowledge of our present education system and staff is inadequate at using,practising,improving the Technologies of information and communications and we are behind the EU standarts and it doesn’t overlap with the aims of our school stragetic plans.This situation has affected the success and quality of our school negatively. The number of qualified and distinguisted students has decreased ; our school has started to lose its importance. In this period of our membership in EU,through this Project,Our target is to support the practice of teaching and evaluation based on ICT,which is one of the aims of Erasmus program, to strengthen the ICT idea in teaching and learning through supporting the use of educational research, cummunication technologies in , enable our school administration to learn the new methods ; to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a group, the team spirit and the institution culture, to enable our staff (teachers), to improve their carreers for EU standarts, to be in cooperation with the international educational institutions, to have a more qualified education using information and and to have distinguished students . Our project"Our school is on its way to Europe in ICT", Under the title of “Our School is on way to Europe in information and Communication Technology”,will be practised by sixteen participitants from school (1 principal,1 vice director,3 Turkish litarature teachers,4 foreign language teachers,1 History Teacher,1 Geography teacher,1 Chemistry teacher,1 Biology teacher , 2 Maths teachers,1 Physics Teacher,1). The project mobility is planned to last one week.The period is one year.The main activity of our project is to observe the technologies of information and communication in a partner school abroad. At the end of the project:We hope * to enable our teachers to improve their carreer:to accept ICT systems,to use them and to give their education more effectively. * to provide the participants with international experience,size and identity” in education * to improve the participants’ use of English and enable them to be good at it * to cooperate with the EU countries and search diffrent curriculum * to enable the participants to learn and use EU standart * to strengthen the relationship among directors,teachers and pupils:the team spirit and to have qualified and distinguished students * to enable the school administration to learn new methods Our project will be realized through”go-observe-study-compare and contrast-adapt-practise
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