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Okulöncesi Eğitiminde Drama Uygulamaları
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The district of İlkadım is the most densely populated one in the province of Samsun. It is a commercial, social, cultural and economic centre of the province. One of the prominent institutions of the district, İlkadım District Directorate of National Education is responsible for implementing, investigating, monitoring and evaluation the educational activities carried out in 5 public kindergartens, 33 public primary schools, 21 secondary schools, 25 public high schools, 4 private kindergartens, 4 private primary schools, 4 private secondary schools and 11 private high schools. There are 61.556 students in these schools, 4.256 of whom receive preschool education in nursery classes existing in the primary schools as well as in kindergartens. Preschool education occupies an important place in an individual’s life. In this period, physical, psychomotor, social, emotional, mental and language development of the individual is completed to a great extent. Drama is standing out as a method day by day in preschool education which is getting more and more important today. It is a method which supports the child’s creativity and imagination, enables them to learn through experience. Within this context, It is vital that the teachers be well educated in child development and preschool education in addition to having knowledge and skills to plan and implement drama activities. Despite having graduated from preschool teaching faculties of the universities and received education on drama, the teachers employed in the schools in İlkadım lack some knowledge and skills to implement drama activities. Besides it has been a long time since they graduated from the university and they haven’t been able to update their teaching knowledge and abilities. Furthermore, the sectors in Turkey must adjust themselves to European Union standards in Turkey’s Accession to EU,and the preschool teachers from the members of the consortium have little idea as to how drama activities are planned and implemented in preschool education in EU countries. That’s why we need to implement this project. The aim of this project is to make a contribution to increasing the quality in early childhood education and care and to strengthening the vocational qualifications of the teachers in compliance with the objectives the Europe 2020 Strategy/Education and Training (ET 2020), by fostering quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalisation at the level of education and training institutions, and promoting linguistic diversity and intercultural awareness through an enhanced transnational cooperation. To this end 40 participants composed of the preschool teachers and the administrators employed in 5 kindergarten and 1 primary school will be assured to receive training in drama applications in preschool education which will be organised by Augsburg Kindertagesstätte, an department of the Directorate of National Education responsible for all the kindergartens in Augsburg. Shortly after the approval of the project, an experienced project coordinator will be appointed for an effective project management and implementation. All the activities will be carried out by the project coordinator in cooperation with the members of the consortium and within their knowledge. A partnership declaration will be signed with each of them. It will declare their responsibilities for the project activities in detail. After the determination of the participants, a participation declaration will be signed with each of the participants so that everyone will have a certain idea as to what to do within the project. As for the mobility actions, a contract will be signed with our host partner about the transportation to/from the airport, local transportation, accommodation, cultural trips and training programme. Thanks to the activities to be carried out within the project, the participants will have improved their vocational qualifications in drama applications in EU countries. As a result of this, the institutions will raise their quality in education and thus promoting the educational quality in the district. Another thing is that all the members of the consortium, including İlkadım District Directorate of National Education, will have experience in transnational cooperation. So they will be more willing and courageous to take part in transnational cooperation. Finally, the participants, and thereby the member institutions of the consortium, will raise their awareness of the accession to EU and will more support our country’s accession to EU, which will give way to the support of the parents and the students the participants of the project are in touch with.
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