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Okul Öncesinde Doğada Eğitim
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The context and history of the project: This project focusing on the “Outdoor education in preschool “ is an contemporary approach that directly address the interests and the needs of the children for their development, sustaining the good communication between children-teacher and educational program. The aim is to adapt the educational activities to outdoors that are conventionally being carried out indoor. This project aims to provide a method for transferring the educational activities to outdoors and offering it to educational staff as an alternative educational approach. A tested methodology will be offered to the teachers to transform educational branches such as; science – nature, drama, language, math, games and art activities as outdoor based activities. Thus, children will acquire the necessary preschool skills in a free-thinking and innovative environment in nature. The nature education in our school has been initiated in May 2014 with an organic farming project. This has shown the utility of the outdoor approach. After our review on world-wide implementations, we realized the existence of Forest-Kidergartens as a fast emerging approach where the children are thoroughly integrated to the nature-based activities. Since we consider that this would not only be beneficial to our school but to our country, we wanted to initiate this project. The Aims : • To offer the children the capability of organizing active outdoor activities individually as an alternative to the passive entertainments such as computer games and television • To help them explore their interest on outdoor activities that can continue during their later ages ( such as collecting plant – stone samples, wildlife observation and outdoor sports) • Encouraging childre towards organic food consumption and organic gardening via physical activities that they actively participated. • Growing children who are learning via experiencing, exploring by playing, improving their creativity, improve tactile sensitivity of children, and acquire improved motor development • Growing a generation who recognize the nature and possess awareness and sensitivity towards it. • Regarding the teachers in our school: It is aimed to encourage our teachers to improve their educational skills by using alternative nature based methods. • Regarding our school: Our long term goal is to convert our educational program into a nature based pre-school teaching and become an example institution who is capable of transferring these skills to other potential schools. Participants profile: Our project is composed by 4 teachers and 1 administrator. Our participants have no experience in this kind of education, they have no any experience in education in natural space expect a few of training organised by TÜBITAK. Our project is composed by young and dynamic teachers. Participants will participate to this project which will be made on December 2016 at Waldkindergarten's Forrest school in German three Day along. They will also participate to a training organised by the German federation of infant school in February 2016 thereby they will achieve there training program. Methodology: At the beginning of the project We asked to pupils parents and teachers what were their needs about education in natural space. In order to be efficient we made a project group and distribute tasks to the participants. the 'project logs',' project journals', 'project review meetings will be organized. A website will be created in order to present our project and we will organise seminars about the project. Projects results will be examinated and the finally reports will be submitted to the national agency. Our goals: At the end of our activities we will apply these practices in our school. With the national education support, our goal is to apply what we will learn about this subject then to give trainings to other schools. A report will be given to the ministry of the national education at the end of our mission As a result: Our teacher and our pupils parents will be prepared to this kind of education. The school will also be prepared to give this kind of education to children. If we achieve this project successfully we will be the pilot school and will serve as model to the other schools of our district and our province.
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