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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project which is in coordinate of our school Perşembe Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School; is a consortium project which is formed by Kozcağız Multi-program Anatolian High School and Simav Eynal Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Within our project from our institutions 10 student and 1 attendant teacher and from every institution 4, total 12 teacher have attended 2 weeks of flows. Our students who have attended the internship of child development and training undertook their training in "Colegio Virgen del Carmen" which is in Spain and our teachers undertook their training in Elterninitiative Kindernest e.V. The project outcomes that are preapred while considering our participants were not successful at the applications and activities they have complete for developing and supporting creative thinking; - To develop themselves professionally through the different and innovative education they will receive in Europe. -To increase employment opportunities in preschool educational institutions through the certificates and education which will be provided by the hosting institute. -To increase the professional knowledge and skills of our teachers and participating students and provide our students to be employed with the easiest and best terms. - To provide our participating teachers the chance for developing a new curriculum. -Fusing different cultures with our students to emphasize that cultural differences like language, religion, color are insignificant. -To improve capacity and the quality of education of our organization by executing our project with different European institutions -Thanks to our local partners the outcomes of our project dissemination activities by giving importance to our country as much as possible. For the purposes of our project ongoing education to schoolgirls in 10th and 11th grades and vocational teachers joined as participant. Participant students, have a knowledge in their branches, met with success in their courses, students who have developed themselves socially. Our participating teachers are researcher and are specialists in their subjects. They received training about gaining creative thinking skills, the preparation of a new curriculum and new methods and techniques to winning and have the opportunity to practice where they live. Students participating have received theoretical training in the new model extraction, preparation game, drama, storytelling and creation. With internship activities and by pouring their theoretical knowledge into practice have developed professional experience and have increased the possibilities of being employed in the future. Our participants which were insufficient in a foreign language have developed their foreign language in preparation activities. We have carried out our project with living in the countryside that have a stimulating environment that allows opportunities to female students; our participants have gained a lot of European awareness and culture during two weeks. As a result of their Education and training activities all participants awarded by documenting education certificates from our host institutions. Institutions also gave a certificate for linguistic, pedagogic and cultural preparation planned every stage of our project. In addition to these certificates for our participants Europass mobility documents were prepared over the Internet the Europass CV through the system crane and distributed to themselves. We did the dissemination of the work in rural areas with projects located in districts that our school is connected, our trained Anatolian vocational and technical high students European Studies has increased the interest in their female students. In the long term our project in the field of child development, will gain new shape to this size of education, new methods and techniques of creative thinking skills. Our teachers are also participating in subject-related studies to become more innovative with the curriculum will be provided for the formation of an idea in the Ministry of national education.

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