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Okul Öncesi Eğitimde Psikomotor Becerileri Geliştirme Uygulamaları
Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the pre-school period which is described as a critical period for Children's mental, physical and personal development, The psychomotor development is one of the most important development areas, greatly affects the lives of children at later ages. When psycho-motor development of children realized fully and healthy, they gain significant emotional and social benefits. Therefore, educators in preschool who support the development of children's psychomotor, reveal their abilities and allow them to be useful members of society, must be trained equipped in terms of professional. In recent years in our country, pre-school enrollment rate is increasing and there is increasing emphasis on pre-school education. Besides, about early childhood education policy in our country, different programs and approaches such as Reggio Emilia Approach, Montessori Approach, the Primary Years Programme and Waldorf approach are considered. And they are applied in some pre-school special education institutions. Pre-school education which is carried out in our country has entered into a process of transformation the adoption of the European standards. Innovative programs and approaches will be implemented in all preschool education institutions soon. In the consortium we have created; Halide Edip is our applicant school, MTAL is the consortium coordinator, Fatma-Haci Huseyin Akgul, MTAL and Piraziz CPL are the members. Our schools have similar problems and needs such areas as the quality of vocational training, internationalization and institutional capacity. Our school students who are being educated in Child Development and Education Area, must perform professional specialization while consolidating theoretical training they received in our school with the internships they do in domestic applications. But, domestic internships for our students are not enough to gain them vocational skills. Our students are graduating without having the qualifications demanded by private sector, so that their employment opportunities are limited. If our students can gain professional knowledge and skills to prepare appropriate activities in order to implement innovative programs and approaches which intended to put into practice in all pre-school educational institutions recently, their employment opportunities will increase fairly. Therefore, our students should benefit from learning activities in Europe and should gain the skills, competence and professional knowledge according to international standards. Our project aims for a total of 42 participants, including 14 people from each of our schools in Child Development and Education Area, to choose appropriate activities in order to enhance the development of preschool children’s psychomotor, to gain professional skills for the application of preparation of appropriate materials and activities, and to fulfill their professional specialization. In order to attain the objectives, It has established partnerships with institutions Materska Skola Sbihava in Czech Republic, CDP Virgen del Carmen in Spain and Fundatia Ecologica Green in Romania. In the scope of our project, one flow in March 2017 and one flows in April 2017, including a total of 6 flows will be held to our each partner. Each of these flows will include seven participants and one companion. Our Project’s expected results are as follows;For the participants; + development of the tolerance towards different cultures,+ to reach to the Europeanness consciousness,+ to improve their social adaptation skills,+ assimilation of European business discipline,+ to increase their professional motivation,For our institutions;+ to increase the quality of education and institutional capacity,+ the development of management skills,+ the transfer of innovative practices from Europe to our schools,+ to ensure modernization,+ to ensure innovation co-operation between our schools. In the long term, it is expected from our project that to establish the sustainable partnerships with institutions in Europe, to make continuous sharing of information and experience, to gain international extents to our school action plans, to train the qualified graduates needed by the private sector, to train the assistant teachers with international experience who can apply innovative methods in European standards and to contribute to women's employment. The methodology used for project execution will be led by a management team in accordance with the principle of participation and transparency. This management team will make the sharing of tasks and responsibilities, will organize all of the activities in order to ensure a quality project and every activity will be recorded by the contracts.
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