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Okul Öncesi Eğitimde Özel Gereksinimli Çocuklara Etkinlik Uyarlama Çalışmaları
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 1, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The right to receive education by integration was guaranteed by the 24th clause of United Nations Rights of The Disabled Agreement (RDA) which was accepted in 2006 at United Nations General Assembly. In our country, rights of equality in education legally took place by the law numbered 2916 that says “It takes the needed measurements for the children who are convenient for special training that they can receive education among their peer friends in the same schools or education institutions”. According to statistics of Mamak District National Education Directorate, Guidance and Counselor Center's converted 497 special education needs children (we write as SEN here after) carried out their pre-school education in our district. The education applied in the pre-school term doesn’t fulfill the needs of the special education needed children. Therefore, the number of the children who joins the integrating education is quite low. The activities applied should be adapted for the SEN children in order to ensure unity and attendance in education. Because the teachers don’t know enough how to adapt the activities for children. They separate from the class during the activities. This situation creates a distinction with their friends. However; it is possible to obtain equality and unity in education with the correct equipments and adaptations. With the help of updates and “TR0801.06 The Project to Strengthen The Pre-School Education” which was supported by the European Union and UNICEF, and put into effect by the Ministry of Education in 2012 the pre-school education program was revised. After the pilot practice in 10 different cities, it began to be applied in 81 cities of Turkey. Besides being children-oriented, the new program has a uniting feature that SEN children can join the activities actively. Our child development teachers of Cebeci Girl’s Technical and Vocational High School took charge in the workshops of “The Updating the Education Program of Pre-School between the ages 0-6”. The new program was introduced to a number of 300 pre-school and child-development teachers who work in the county of Mamak by seminars. During the practices in seminars, it was seen that the teachers had difficulty with the adaptations of the activities for the SEN children. According to the results from the evaluation forms and interviews, 260 of those 300 teachers stated their need of to be trained for the topics of “the adaptation of activities” for the SEN children. The programs for pre-school education services are also used in vocational and technical education institutions, practice kindergartens and in the area of child-development and education. The same problem can be seen in those schools, too. If our project is approved, it is aimed to let the teachers see the studies of “adapting the activities applied in pre-school term for those in European countries and practice it in-place and gain sufficiency. The project we offer includes 54 participants from the Headship of National Education of Mamak County, Cebeci Girls’ Technical and Vocational High School, Kırıkkale Zübeyde Hanım Girls’ Technical and Vocational High School and Gölbaşı Girls’ Technical and Vocational High School. We have chosen our partners as Italy, Spain and Germany in where visits took place during the studies of “the updating pre-school education program between the ages 0-6”; and Denmark which is one of the pioneer countries in pre-school education. The mobilities are; except for travel durations; 15 participants for Spain between 01.09-15.09/2014; 15 participants for Italy between 20.04-04.05/2015; 12 participants for Denmark between 15.06-29.06/2015; 12 participants for Germany between 24.08-07.09/2015. All mobilities are for 15 days. Project duration is 24 months. With these mobilities it is aimed to; - To let our teachers gain sufficiency to adapt their activities according to the SEN children, - To abolish the positive discrimination towards those and increase their attendance to school, - To let intermediate members those grow up in vocational high schools fulfill the needs of the sector, - To let the parents get involved in education, - To promote the positive point of views of the institution managers in order to let teachers get in-service education workshops about the “integrated education”. It is anticipated that with an efficient and productive utilize of pre-school education for the SEN children; they will be happier individuals, they will come to school willingly and fondly, other children will get a feeling of tolerance with differences. The ultimate beneficiaries of our project are; teachers and managers of child-development and pre-school education, and all the children and their parents who benefit from pre-school education.

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