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Oivaltavaa oppimista 24/7 - Inspiring Learning 24/7
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BACKGROUNDDue to new competence based learning in curriculum we in Helmi put an effort to work-based learning and eLearning in order to improve learning, completion and employment of students. In these learning models the role of guidance is essential. In the model of this project we utilise also the perspectives of students and companies, because then the perspective of customer guides the planning and enables to create an qualitative customer oriented educational service product.AIMSThe wide aims of this project are- to improve the learning outcomes of work-placement by utilizing eLearning platform as learning and guiding environment- to increase co-operation of schools and companies by offering companies a tool with possibility to familiarise student to the company before the work-placement and help companies to improve company’s familiarizing material more learning friendlyThe concrete aims of the project are1) to create a eLearning platform (tentatively Moodle used by Helmi), a. where student planning for work placement abroad can familiarize beforehand to relevant vocational skills demonstration material, to work placement abroad in general, to practical matters of work placement company and to receive personal guidance during work-placement period 24/7.b. In the same platform work placement instructor can meet the student and guiding teacher beforehand and create company’s familiarizing material (e.g. videos, interviews) to eLearning platform in co-operation with teacher and student.c. Teacher can produce material to eLearning platform, guide student in work placement tasks and support work place instructor 24/7.2) to plan and build to eLearning platform a pedagogical guidance model which supports the work placement abroad, including e.g. material production, guidance, evaluation and collecting feedback.NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND THEIR PROFILETo this project participate the following foreign companies and schools:Scancoming Spain, ESP; Fasada Incoming, ESP; Laventeli, FRA; Scancoming London, GB; Banbury Museum, GB; Koning Willem I College, NL; Collegi Badalones, ESP; RWS, DE. To activities participate 60 1-3. class travel&tourism and business students and 20 teachers and eLearning experts. MAIN ACTIVITIESIn the beginning of the project all the project members fill an questionnaire where we try to map the present state of guidance and expectations to improve them. In autumn 2016 we plan and create an eLearning platform and content to it (general practices in work-placement abroad, vocational skills demonstration, eLearning guidance model (24/7), familiarizing material of companies). During their work-placement, guidance of the student will be done by job instructor of the company and guiding teacher who will visit student once and guide her in other times by eLearning platform 24/7. During visits to partner companies and schools guiding teachers discuss with job instructors and person in charge of partner school about the state of familiarising students to company’s customs and success of guidance and plans to improve them. After first year of the project, summary meeting will take place, where we evaluate the results of Questionnaire 1-2 and the results of discussions with partner companies and schools, and make the plan for 2. year of the project (improvement). After second year, in the end of project in final summary meeting, we evaluate the results of all questionnaires and discussions and the fulfillments of aims of the project.RESULTS AND IMPACTS:A) Students: During two years 60 students will perfom work-placment abroad in professional and innovative company. The skills of student improve significantly, because with the help of eLearning platform: she has familiarized to work-placement company before work-placement, she has been able to ensure learning objectives while working and she has had chance to receive guidance 24/7.B) Partner companies: They have received concrete help, equipment and benefit with the help of eLearning and guidance model showing how to familiarize students to company. The guiding skills and eLearning skills of job instructor have improved. Commitment to co-operation strengthens.C) Partner schools: They will receive a tested eLearning platform model and pedagogical guidance model, which they can utilize with their students’ work-placement periods. Commitment to co-operation strengthens.D) Guiding teachers: With the improvement of guiding and eLearning platform using skills professional identity strengthens. Substance skills improve when discussion with company’s job instructor is possible 24/7.E) Helmi: Helmi has an learning improving eLearning platform and 24/7 guidance model, which can be used in all guidance and share know-how to other schools and companiesAs a longer term benefit reciprocal cooperation between foreign companies and schools and Finnish schools improves education to be more business oriented and qualitative.
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