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Start date: May 15, 2015, End date: Oct 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The purpose of „Offline – Back to the roots” project is to promote a healthy lifestyle through sports, outdoor activities and (eco-) volunteering which will eventually lead to improving the life quality of young people and a better integration in the society. The project gets together 26 young people (13 of which with few opportunities), aged between 14 and 19, coming from 3 European countries: Romania, Spain, Portugal. For 10 days the youngsters will take part in diversified interactive, attractive and interesting activities such as : outdoor games, volunteering activities, hiking trips, ecological actions, rafting, informing sessions, creative workshops, a touristic route marking , intercultural evenings. Through our activities we plan to reach the following objectives: O1- offering the 26 young people, aged between 14 and 19, a healthy alternative for spending their spare time by involving them in sports and outdoor activities throughout the 10 days of the project O2- increasing the involvement of the 26 young people, aged between 14 and 19, in the life of the community through volunteering activities throughout the 10 days of the project O3 – the personal development of the 26 young people, aged between 14 and 19, by practicing sports and outdoor activities throughout the 10 days of the project O4 – facilitation of mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue among the 26 young people, aged between 14 and 19 throughout the 10 days of the project The methods selected for the implementation of the project are specific to non-formal education: getting to know each other activities, tam building games and exercises, cooperation and social games, team games, education through adventure, treasure hunt, creative workshop, hiking trip, the visual method, facilitated discussion, debate, group work, brainstorming, experiential learning, peer education, etc . By the end of the project we estimate to get the following results: -developing a healthy and dynamic lifestyle by taking part in sports and recreational outdoor activities - getting the young people involved in volunteering activities at a community level -improving of their linguistic skills, communicative abilities and intercultural communication - personal development of the young people -developing of their social skills, tolerance and openness towards diversity All these will make the project as a whole to have a positive impact for the entire youngster directly involved in it by - raising awareness of their potential and role in improving the life of the community followed directly by increasing the level of involvement in community actions and embracement of a healthy lifestyle - understanding the concepts of active citizenship and European citizenship - flexibility and adaptability in interpersonal relations - developing entrepreneurship and self confidence - improving young people’s image on a community level On an institutional level, the organization involved will benefit by participants with a higher level of awareness on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Also, they will consolidate their collaboration with partners from other countries; they will enlarge their knowledge and experience by improving and learning new methods of working with the youngsters, getting them more involved and more interest, working with young people with fewer opportunities, implementing and monitoring European projects, more efficient ways and activities for the benefit of the local communities, more attractive programs for the youngsters according to their needs and expectations. On an European/ international level: -maintaining the collaboration with the partner organizations by continuous communication - creating a collaboration network and attracting other organizations interested in the topic of our project - developing new European projects of interest for young people with other European countries Long term impact: Building a health – oriented behavior by getting involved in more sports and outdoor activities; adopting a healthy lifestyle by a large number of young people which will lead to a higher quality of life for them and a better social inclusion.

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