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Özgüven Duygusunun Kazandırılmasında AB Ülkelerindeki Öğretmenlerin Bakış Açısının İncelenmesi
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The commpon purpose of our school, instructors and every parent is raising "self confident" kids. Self confidence is a basic issue that every parent and teacher deals with from the birth to the school ages of children. Improving, protecting and increasing the self confidence of a child leads the basic principles of child rearing skills and education. Improved self confidence is an important feeling effecting the learning abilities, success in social relations etc.. Our schools consist of students from different cultures, customs with different physical/mental development, learning habits from different economical groups being educated under a single curriculum. Accordingly, in order to raise self confident students, adoption of student-oriented methods, student-centric practices, learning habits of students etc. to ensure a high quality education in the shortest time possible became inevitable. These practices will lead to increased academical success through better mathematics and science literacy and reading skills, thus carrying their academic self confidence to a better stage. One of our main purposes is improving our students social/cultural development by implementing new or improving existing methods in order to strengthen their mental state and enabling a healthy development for them, thus resulting in the raising of future individuals of higher self confidence alongside their academic development. Our students will become stronger individuals and lead to a healthier society by, studying any knowledge, self developing in every aspects, implementing the knowledge gathered to real life at its best, interrelating among knowledge they possess, developing him/herself in academical/personal/social/cultural/sports assets, linking actively with the society etc.. Students will acquire better access to knowledge resources, usage of knowledge on different fields, analyze, interpretation, idea generation and evaluation etc. leading them to higher education institutions as expected. With self confident academically successful students, national education institutions will rank higher at "Program for International Student Assesment" (PISA) success levels. Our managers and instructors will improve their competence through methods for reducing distraction, motivation improvement methods, education methods according to individual assets, methods for improving creativity and development of audio/visual educational materials trainings. Within the implementation process the following training programmes will be executed with the respective participant numbers in the respective countries: - Methods for reducing distraction methods, 3 participants, 2 weeks, Czech Republic - Motivation improvement methods, 4 participants, 2 weeks, Spain - Development of audio/visual educational materials, 4 participants, 2 weeks, Netherlands - Education methods according to individual assets, 5 participants, 2 weeks, Spain - Methods for improving creativity, 4 participants, 2 weeks, Germany The project is planned to be finished within 12 months, upon the dissemination, evaluation and publishing of the final report, the report will be submitted to the National Agency at the end of the implementation process.

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