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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Partners of project are three Vocational Technical High Schools in Ankara, Turkey. Coordinator School, Aydınlıkevler Vocational Technical High School. Our first partner is Hızır Reis Vocational Technical High School, Our second partner is M. Ali Büyükhanlı Vocational Technical High School. In the first leg of the project, we worked with host country, Germany and Its project partners, luventas and IDA in Ludwingshafen. The main aim of these institutes to improve the skills of students who especially needs special education. In the second leg of the project, the partner is DE Spinaker in Akmaar in Holland. It has got many project experiences in European Union. Project will take place in Germany and Holland on the following dates. 23.01-07.02. 2016 in Holland 23.04-07.05 2016 in Germany Participants were teachers and administrators who are teaching special education students. Participating teachers and students selected by making interview. For each step of project include 26 teachers and 6 special educational students, totally 64 people in project. To improve of women place in business life, the number of male and female participants in the project were equal. The Turkish Ministry of Education provides practical training for the reintegration of individuals who need special education in schools in Ankara. The name of is "Strengthening the Special Education" (ÖZEGEP) Aydınlıkevler Vocational High School is one of the pilot school where is given seminars of increasing awareness of Special Education. In our classes, Special Educational Students having theoretical training with other friends. We know theoretical knowledge is necessary but practical knowledge is also important. The main objective of our project is to ensure that the students receive the appropriate work experience in Europe for their respective areas. Our project gives priority to the needs of education. And we want to transfer of knowledge in European standart to our schools. The goal of the project is to do an internship of our students in Europe under the guidance of partners in Germany and in Holland. We want our teachers must see how training will be given to similar schools in Europe. Teachers should examine education programs for special training students and they will develop a healthy technic to communicate to students. Also teachers realize that the need for professional qualifications. They will learn how business environment and working conditions for disabled people in Europe. They will recognize the culture of European Countries. The result of this study sent to all vocational training institutions as a report and booklet, also it will sent to Ministry of Education and to faculties of universities in Turkey. Project details will include on the websites of participating institutions. All process and results will be shared e-twinning site. As a result Special Training Students will be provided to the difference in the educational environment.
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