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Özel Eğitimde Yeni Teknikler
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In our project, for 2 weeks education mobility of 15 teachers is planned from Sabahat Akşiray Özel Eğitim Uygulama Merkezi to VOS,SOS aG institution in Czech Republic. With the support of our cooperator, education program of project is prepared according to our purposes and also with the suggestion of our cooperator, education period is determined as 2 weeks.Because Applied Behavior Analysis method can show its success scientifically with experimental searches apart from other methods, it draws attention as a method. This method based on the analysis of individual behaviors and environmental characteristics associated with these behaviors objectively. In this technique, behaviors that are desired to gain to autistic students or reduced are determined by systematic observation and record keeping. Then, educator applies intervention to behaviors that are desired to gain or reduced and with similar systematic observation and record keeping way, intervention activity is determined. In Applied Behavior Analysis method, special education teachers should prepare special programs about desired to gain or reduced behaviors of autistic students. Teacher should observe the situations that are before behavior, behavior and after behavior. One of the purposes of our project for education of teachers comes from the property of Applied Behavior Analysis method. Although our teachers have basic knowledge about the technique, they have deficiencies about preparation program, intervention to positive / negative behaviors and convenient observation. One of the most important purposes of our project is increasing the sufficiency of teacher about Applied Behavior Analysis method. There are various sub-techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis and these techniques are used on education of autistic children with different ways. There are 10 different techniques that are used on education of autistic children. Another purpose of our project is providing development of teachers about basic knowledge and sub-techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis. Also, our project has different purposes for our teachers and institution:To provide experience that is about European Union special education system to our teachers.To provide different department experience with the host institution educator to teachers.To provide meeting different cultures to teachers at education activities.To increase the sufficiency of teachers about communication with parents.To increase the sufficiency of students about English language.To keep the enthusiasm that is most important part of special education of our teachers alive.To provide demonstration achievements of our teachers perceptibly with the certificates that are from mobility.To begin applying strategic plan of our school with obtaining abilities.In the execution of this project, in our school a commission will be driven by the principles of transparency and independence. Our school has 3 levels simply. These are pre-school, primary and high schools. In each level, there are different administrator and teacher staff. All levels work in cooperatively and support each other in different activities. In order to obtain the principles of transparency and independence exactly, members of commission will be selected from each 3 levels administrators. The director of our institution will work as a president of commission. Commission will become major organ of our project. Commission will provide attendance to activities actively to all participants.Our project will impact on educational identity of our participants very valuably. Our participants will obtain very special properties about special education by participating education activities and visiting institutions. Our educators will add new technique to their using education techniques and also they will know sub-applications of this technique very well. Therefore, our teachers will give more efficient special education system to their students. In the long term, our project will provide higher level to our institution development and will help us improve special education in collaboration with our target groups.
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