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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Special needs children in primitive societies "responsibility / burden" has come to mean. It is thought that they will need to remain constantly and will be dependent on others to help the community. BC Aristotle lived 355't "Do not allow the development of anything that is not perfect" has been influenced by thoughts. Greek and Roman culture, beauty, power, and supported by intelligence and their non-olds were excluded. Outlines the negative attitudes towards individuals with special needs began to change with the development of Christianity and Islam. Protective and compassionate developed and religious institutions for individuals with special needs shelter, nutrition and health care centers have opened. The agenda of the guiding concept in our education system II. In the years after World War II. The curriculum in these years; of interindividual differences began to be referred to the necessity of training and programs to adapt to these differences. One of the basic requirements of a democratic society is the principle of equal opportunity in education. Students with special needs, special education services, provided that it does not seem possible to provide it. Special education is provided to students who are average students differ considerably from the properties is a set of individually planned and that aims to maximize the likelihood of individuals to live independently education services. The main aim of the education of special needs individuals; 1-through special training to acquire knowledge and skills to individuals with special needs and 2-We live environment with special needs is to make available to the individual. Projects thanks to our participants will have an idea about our country can be adapted by observing how they are integrated into the cultural value of a good education model. This development of our organization as inclusive education in our country will contribute to strengthening the position of being the leading training provider in Europe. Looking at the specific aim of our project: -Increasing the participant our language proficiency and cultural awareness Development of professional competence of our personnel -New Educational practices and design tools, development of the capacity to adapt different applications Plan new training in teaching or the implementation of the youth, a more thorough understanding of policies and systems The provision of capacity building to make the changes brought about by the modernization and expansion of our international school To respond to the needs of individuals who need Special education aims to increase the capacity. 15 staff and 10 staff Belgium Germany 10 The use of cultural elements in special education will be performing daily mobility and observations and visits on different models, increase their professional competence based education. This application differences in the use of cultural elements as training material to be observed in the visit. In the field of training and seminars will be held by experts, will gain experience in approaches to cultural elements as a means of groups and educational tool with different specific requirements. Effects on the participants of the project: * Seeing educational practices in place in the EU norms, tools and special education practices and gain experience in adapting curriculum to examine issues * Multiculturalism and awareness of issues will rise to live in harmony with different cultures * Ability to develop common business * Monitoring the implementation of different models of the results of experience in special education will increase * The integration of cultural elements of the education system in special education and special education model for the implementation of social and solutions to overcome the problems posed by cultural values that may be developed * Special learning will occur over the required capacity to use different methods for adapting our education system and our staff * Teaching and learning capacities of teachers, administrators will develop skills of good governance * Countries in the applications in education, more of policies and systems shall be understood in a comprehensive manner to * Educational institutions of modernization and development of professional competence to make the changes brought about by the international expansion * Social, will be able to better understand the importance of linguistic and cultural diversity * The need of special education will increase people's capacity to respond to the needs * Professional development and to increase awareness against opportunities for career development * Will develop foreign language proficiency * More motivated in their daily work and will have to satisfy.
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