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Österreichische Gastronomieerfahrungen für die litauische Berufsschulen (Austrian Gastronomic Experience for the Lithuanian Vocational Schools)
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Education consulting & Employment agency in Austria is convinced that objectives to promote learners’ well-being as well as create opportunities to experience effective learning process are significant on the national, European and not the least - global levels. In order to induce changes in the pupils thinking and behaviour, we develop comprehensive set of tools in accordance with aspirations raised by vocational education institutions. Therefore, it is in common interest to contribute to the development of competitive, intellectually stimulating environment where everyone is an asset in creating competitive advantage. In this context, this project offers training, methodological schemes, opportunities sustaining pursuit for educative and entrepreneurship excellence – significant factor helping to motivate learner. With the support of 10 catering and tourism teachers, chefs from Tavernakel, Carinthian Chefs' Club and Panoramadorf Saualpe we pursue to organise six-day teaching courses in four vocational schools in Lithuania (Kelme, Ukmerge, Utena and Panevezys) in October, 2015. Ten lecturers strive for excellence in their home schools and working places, promote colleagueship, therefore, glad to share their existing professional skills, competencies and experience in Lithuania, strengthen enduring partnership among European schools. Having acknowledged present shortcomings of the VET system in Lithuania, profession teachers, personnel from regional food and tourism enterprises demonstrated high interest in combined theoretical and practical lessons developing their knowledge, skills in the field. Professional capacity, opportunity to transfer knowledge to pupils and improve their learning, introduce to new technologies applied in gastronomy - appear to be major stimulus in deepening communication among schools on the European level. The integral part of programme is to encourage learning about Austrian educational and duel system, educational programmes, get new knowledge, skills and competences, which would be evaluated and adapted in the local institutions, non-governmental organisations, education establishments. In relation to this experience and cultural, pedagogical interchange, skill and knowledge gained, contacts, monitoring of the post-event developments, surveys enables to sustain continuity of innovation and constant growing. The educational reform in new EU countries has so far disregarded the importance to build professional capacity to adjust to the dynamic European and global markets in the field of catering and tourism. Consequently, the insufficient emphasis on the practice to obtain profession in vocational education institutions have reduced employment opportunities of learners. Moreover, technological innovations, approaches to cope with challenges arising in the age of dynamic and volatile globalisation tend to be misjudged due to the lack international insights. Therefore, waiters, chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, tourism managers are not able to create national and European economic value, undermine their capabilities and future prospects in becoming competitive catering and tourism experts. Taking in account the advancement of teaching methods and materials in the vocational education system in the new EU countries, this project, ‘Austrian gastronomy experience for vocational education and training schools in Lithuania’, seeks to empower teachers, pupils and representatives from small and medium sized public enterprises and elevate their potential to contribute to the food and customer service culture. Education is an essential tools for social change, economic development and prosperity in European Union. Direct objectives: - Increase and transfer knowledge, skills in the field of vocational education and training system for gastronomy, exchange long experience between teachers of the old and new EU countries, emphasising the importance of a common vocational training path for Europe. - Familiarise with the VET system and its advantages for profession teachers and pupils in catering and tourism areas; contribute to the promotion of combined practical and theoretical classes which could create more employment opportunities within EU labour market. - Create final products which will have a long-lasting, methodical and informational value, comprising of filmed materials and compendium constituted using methodological material from the course led by Austrian teachers; comparisons of the training systems in catering industry between two cultures.
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