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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project, ’Joy in the Work – Certificate in the Hand’, is the continuation of our project Opportunity to Work in Europe – Sweet Challenge. Three mobilities will be realised with our new project. Six confectioner and baker students will participate in a one-month training course in Thüringen in February and November 2017 and in February 2018. Our school, Pesti Barnabás Food Industrial Secondary Technical and Vocational School, in cooperation with our German partner Siegmundsburger Haus Werraquelle LTD elaborated this project considering the experiences of our running project, the needs of the training places and the opinions of trainees.The aim of the project and the quality assurance of our institute form an integral unit. A successful project closens us to effectuate our aims: reducing the number of students quitting without graduation, increasing the number of students admitted, increasing our students’ motivation and our colleagues’ methodological development.In the preparatory phase the Memorandum of Understanding will be signed by us and our German partner and the details of project implementation will be clarified. Then we will select the participants. A Learning Agreement based on ECVET will be signed by students, and they will attend preparatory courses. The psychological training will be held by our partner.The second phase is the mobility. Students with the co-ordinator will travel to Siegmundsburg to attend a communicative training combined with a day trip. Next day students will be assigned to their training places. The monitoring visit is on the second week when the students’ work will be evaluated according to the ECVET system. During the mobility students will work 28 days (20 work days, 6-8 hours/day) in Thüringen. They will get full board with accommodation at their training places. Official registers have to be kept which will be regularly checked by the mentors. The last day of the training is the time for evaluation, after which students will travel home with their co-ordinator.The last phase is to receive the Europass Certificate. Students will perform their project work and presentations about their training after returning home. This accomplished training period will be included into the compulsory training the same way as the project work and learning modules are parts of the yearly grade of the given subjects. The project team will call a meeting for evaluation and exchanging experiences. Promoting the project is an important task therefore we will organise an exhibition of the photographs taken during the training by the trainees. Their presentations will be uploaded to the website of our school, and an interview with our head-master will be published in a local newspaper and in a professional magazine. Also in our staff meeting the project with its experience will be one of the main issues.The project is the result of co-operation which aims are concrete and well-thought-out and takes the needs, abilities and capabilities of its participants and experience of the completed project into consideration. Thus efficiency and long-term effect are guaranteed. The project proceeds from practical activities and rests on conscious work. It helps putting the students’ theoretical knowledge into practice. It constantly requires independent learning. It also develops the students’ language knowledge and their key competencies of life-long-learning. During their training, students experience success and the joy of work and the sense of learning. Continuous feedback gives students new dynamism. They are encouraged to continue their education thus these students will appear as qualified professionals who are able to flourish in their work and to react upon challenges in the domestic labour market.The project raises challenges to the participants and demands continuous development. Participants’ motivation, professional innovation and their constructive co-operation have beneficial effects on the working environment of our school, the raising of the standards of education and the development of our methodological culture. Student-teacher relationship develops and involving parents to the project is the key in keeping students in education.Our school can continue to become international. Our horizons widen and our successful co-operation opens up new prospects. Our institution is able to utilize the experience gained during the co-operation with the German training places which proves to be useful when it comes to maintaining connection with domestic training places. We reconsider our training and evaluating system. We will continue the integration of foreign training course into our important school documents. By promotion, our school and the domestic training places are popularise, thus ensuring more motivated student to apply and thereby increase our standard of education. The continuation of our work started earlier, provides opportunities for longer-term positive changes.
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