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Ökade kunskaper och kvalité med ett internationellt perspektiv
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At Gymnasieskolan Knut Hahn we work with three prioritized areas of development: - Internationalisation - Entrepreneurship - Cooperation with local enterprises and trade and industry In order to develop these areas and increase the knowledge and quality within the school, we will participate in the Mobility project. Staff will through further education abroad get access to new ideas and perspectives which they can implement in the organisation. Competent and motivated teachers with up-to-date knowledge will encourage the students to reach the goals of the school and of their own, and help them increase their possibilities to perform better. All students should be employable /prepared for University studies when they graduate from Upper Secondary School. Through contact with international activities they become open to new cultures and ways of thinking and will discover that they are part of a more united Europe, and that they will have access to a wider international labour market in the future. We will also work actively within the organisation to prevent drop-outs from school, by supporting the students and building their self esteem in order for them to complete their education. By taking part of good practices from other countries in this area, we can work with new methods and tools. To improve integration within our organisation is also an important area we are working on and which we can learn a lot about by studying how other countries deal with this. By taking part in international activities we can also increase the understanding of people from other cultures in our organisation. We have developed the international area in the school during several years, through further education abroad for staff and through partnership projects and exchanges with other countries, which we will continue to develop. A part of this is also to let all staff at school go to Brussels and study the work of EU at the different institutions. We work actively with entrepreneurship and want to learn from other countries that have succeded within this area. The students can learn from them how to think in an entrepreneurial way and use it in their own studies. We want to build networks with schools, trade and industry, public employers and societies in other countries, in order to increase the quality within our organisation, and get new points of view. We also intend to arrange a fair for Young Entrepreneurs, for schools around the Baltic Sea. In all 30 staff will participate in the Mobility project. 10 teachers will do Job Shadowing in our partner schools in The Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Italy and Spain. They will shadow teachers in languages, mathematics and natural science and how to teach a mother tongue as a second language. They will also take part of the schools´ methodology and pedagogics and compare their educational systems and curriculum with ours and learn from good practices. Some of the schools have focus on integration and how to prevent drop-outs, which the teachers will also learn from. 4 teachers of English will take courses in England in methodology for how to teach grammar and how to use more technology in the teaching, and also to improve their knowledge of the language. One teacher in Spanish will take a language course in Spain to increase her knowledge of the language. 15 staff from the administration (student counsellors + some more) will go to Denmark to study how they work with motivational methods for early drop-outs and unemployed youths, and how they have created a system to keep track of the progress of these young people. The different activities will increase the knowledge, competence and quality within the organisation and reach the students through new ways of teaching and thinking. Pedagogics that is modern and varied is experienced as meaningful by the students and they will learn in a better way.The school also becomes more attractive and this will lead to more motivated and ambitious students, with better results. The purpose is to learn new methods and aquire new experiences through international contacts, and take part of the work at schools abroad/learn through study visits and courses. We want to broaden the way of looking at things among the participants, with a European perspective, and let their experiences and competences spread through the organisation. To reflect on your own work gives new and different perspectives. This will lead to more students graduating from school with good results and that they are employable/prepared for University studies. The quality will increase within the organisation, as well as the understanding that we are all part of a united Europe. The purpose is that more staff will be interested in taking part in international activities and share their knowledge and experiences. The international work should be established in the whole school and be seen as a valuable asset and not as extra work.

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