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Ökad kvalitet i yrkesutbildningen genom internationell praktik
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims to give students, in the first place from the second year at Jällagymnasiet, the opportunity to make one of their on the job training periods in another European country, to develop professionally and personally skills. The students experiences will improve their ability to work in the European labour market. A national and regional development goal is that Jällagymnasiet college will be more attractive for Swedish students so we can educate competent workers that are asked for at the Swedish labour market. We follow an established model in which some students in second grade will, after a a selection process go for a 3 weeks vocational training to partners in one of the countries where we already have agreements with. However, we are open to new suggestions if a student comes up with a proposal and can demonstrate that he/she has contact with a potential new partner for an internship. We will then investigate the conditions and the possibilities for the student to get a satisfactory on the job training at this workplace. If we find that the conditions exist for a fruitful vocational period, with adequate security and "moderately" serious challenges in general, we can approve the site and decide when the on the job training should be performed. This can sometimes result in that we get more partners into the project, and that is important for the quality. The dissemination is an important part of the project. Its significant for the strategy that the participants are mostly selected from the second grade. Then they will be ambassadors for their experience, at least a whole year at school, and on their following vocational training periods and on other meetings at school or PR happenings. The participants create a framed A2 with pictures from their vocational training abroad. In that picture is also an A4 with a presentation of the student and a story of their experience. The pictures are hanged on the walls at school and the purpose is to initiate discussions and questions from other students, visiting groups and so on. Part of the dissemination is spontaneous but activities is all planned by responsible personnel,. Its also important to listen to the participants, they could have god ideas for dissemination. Staff and also hoppefully we can get one or two of our swedish hosts for on the job training with us on trips to visit our partners. The established partners that we plan to continue working with are: -Fay András, a college in Hungary that offer training in equine, animals and horticulture, and they will also do the monitoring of the vocational periods, that work will be performed of all of our partners. -In Holland we have Groene Welle, a college with students who do work experience in the same type of companies as we do. They help us to place students in appropriate workplaces. -In England, we have Askham Bryan College, with a similar specialization as Jällagymnasiet. We have had a personnel contact since -97. Our goal is to keep all links active. It gives the school and students wider international experience. The Vocational training will primarily be done in the summer period 2015 and 2016, for the older students and the spring term for the younger. As compared to previously we work more with the cultural and linguistic preparation now. This has been developed with the help of students in previous projects. The former participants will also be play an active part in the preparation of new group of students going abroad. The former participants are in some views better than us teachers to prepare the new group of students so they could avoid the shock it could be to come to a new country, with a foreign language, strange food and a different culture.

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