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Öğretimde Alternatif Yöntemler
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Öğretimde Alternatif Yöntemler" is a school staff education project that aims at introducing the non-formal educational methods in the formal teaching approach and wants to prepare the teachers in terms of non-formal educational methods that can be used as formal approaches in the teaching assignements, to improve pupils' knowledge and interest though different teaching methods and to open the school and adapt it towards EU teaching standards that suit the Turkish educational system. The project idea started to shape up once we hosted a Comenius assistant that used the non-formal educational methods to teach English to our pupils. We have seen its effectiveness on our pupils and we started working together on this idea in order to have these methods transferred to other branches and subjects as well. The project will last for 1 year starting with middle of November 2015 and will involve 10 out of 34 teachers from Gonen Fen Lisesi, from different branches, in 2 modules mobilities with theoretical and practical inputs of the non-formal education in the formal learning. besides the mobilities, the other teachers of the applicant school as well as other interested teachers from Turkey will be able to join several online courses on the same topic and gain knowledge, resources and methods on how to improve their teaching by using these methods. The foreseen activities are a 2-module mobility where the teachers to gain knowledge regarding the non-formal education and its usage in the formal learning, an online course for other teachers interested as well to gain knowledge on this topic, the creation of a platform where these courses to be uploaded together with a question and answer session, discussion board and links with useful resources and materials, developing a teaching plan including non-formal educational methods and putting it into practice in a 2 months pilot activity as well as promoting planning and organising extra-curricular activities for the pupils by the teachers. The methodology used in this project is a combination of formal elements wreathed with the non-formal educational methods in non-formal and informal contexts. The proposed activities are discussions, ice breakers, games, role playing, group dynamics, energizers, team working, practical applications, presentations, brain storming, working in small groups, debates, world cafe, silent floor, creativity simulation games. The expected results are the further usage of the non-formal educational methods in the formal learning and familiarizing the teachers with the pupil centred educational process, a better performance from the pupils in classes (raised interest, active participation, participation at competitions), a EU orientated school from the teaching point of view, a better collaboration between the applicant and other relevant institutes from Turkey and abroad (schools, local authorities, NGOs), an improvement in school's staff and pupils' approach concerning the educational and personal EU opportunities, increased pupils chances to develop different transversal competences that can be later used on the labour market, increased participation of staff and pupils in EU projects, increased quality in teaching and the general school's scores at the local, regional and national level. The envisaged impact is increased teachers' motivation to work with the non-formal educational methods and their trust in their abilities to work with them, openness and developed eagerness to work with these methods, increased self-esteem, openness to other cultures and teaching methods, eagerness to change the working-teaching methods, increased interest for pupil-centred educational process, openness to further personal and professional development and last but not least, to have at least 5 teachers that will further use these methods once the project will finish for at least 1 academic year, all the participant teachers at the mobilities to have gained knowledge about the non-formal education and to have at least 1 extra-curricular activity from every teacher with their pupils.

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