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Öğrencilerimizin Avrupa Hastanelerinde Sağlık Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Nowadays,conditions evolving and changing rapidly in every field requires the implementation of innovative practices through the close monitoring of the changes in the health sector as in all sectors,the provision of the better service environments and facilities for the sector in a competitive environment.So that, the methods and techniques supported until a few years ago might be obsolete, the institutions that do not adopt continuous innovation policy might fall behind the technology.In our country, the concepts of efficiency and quality were addressed in health services and it was referred to the separation of financing and provision of health services for the first time in1990 as innovation policy in the health sector through the Turkey Health Sector Master Plan Study of State Planning Organization.Transformation in Health launched in 2003 led to the emergence of radical changes in terms of modernization and development and drew attention to the importance of the healthcare personnel with high motivation.In accordance with Regulation of Health Free Zone expected to be launched soon the Resorts for the Old,Social Facilities including Wellness Centers and Health Technocities which embody healthcare organizations such as hospital, rehabilitation center etc, thermal tourism facilities,leisure gardens,walking tracks,social facilities,sports fields etc.will be established in many locations in our country The patients from107 different countries come to our country in order to benefit from the health services in line with the development in the health sector of our country and this number is increasing every day.According to the 2012 Health Tourism Annual Report of the Department of Health Tourism, General Directorate of Health Services,Ministry of Health the number of the foreigners who benefit from the health services reached 270.000 in 2012 whereas this number was 74.093 in 2008.The goal specified in the report is to be the leading country in health tourism by reaching 500.000 foreign patients in 2015 with an income of seven billion dollars and two million foreign patients in 2023 with an income of twenty billion dollars Our school aims to raise qualified and experienced healthcare personnel in the branches of Nursing,Anaesthesiology and Reanimation,Emergency Health Services in line with the needs of the sector,to provide the employment of these students in the sector; on the other hand it aims to consolidate the capacity and quality of the institution by improving the education standards. For that reason,it is planned to carry out a practice intensive traineeship program in a carefully selected,modern and well-equipped hospital in Europe so as to raise qualified healthcare personnel that can provide health services to the native and foreign patients in our country and at EU level 42 students from 3 different branches in this traineeship program At the end of the traineeship to be carried out by 42 students and 3 accompanying teachers in the Capio Deutsche Klinik Otterndof Hospital in Germany, Spitalul Judetean de Urgenta Hospital in Romania, in Unıwersyteckı Szpıtal Klınıczny W Bıałymst in Poland within 2 weeks between the dates 24.01-07.02.2016 and 07.02-21.02.2016 the following outcomes are expected: The students will develop self-confidence and entrepreneurship become socialized improve their professional and general foreign language levels as a start to reach the level to serve in any environment, gain a harmonious life experience intertwined with different cultures learn the innovative and modern practices at European level *The vocational education level and capacity of our school will be consolidated *The accompanying teachers will transfer the innovative methods and practices to our institution. Our project will enable the students to improve themselves personally and professionally and to get Europeanization.The long term gain expected from the project is to improve the quality of our institution, provide the employment of our students within the new job opportunities in national and international arena,to help and support the protection of our people's health. The students from the Nursing branch will make practices in many units such as Internal Medicine, Surgery,Obstetrics and Gynecology,Pediatrics,Infection,Pulmonology,Orthopedics and Traumatology etc.,the students from Anesthesiology and Reanimation branch in the surgery rooms of the hospitals and the students from Emergency Medical Technician in emergency services and they will improve their professional and linguistic competences The methodologies to be used during the execution of the project,questionnaires,observations and implementations,reports to be issued will be the project execution method,the project management method will coordinate the activities planned and provide the sustainability by evaluating the results,the introduction method will introduce our institution especially Ministry of EUand National Agency
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