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Öğrencilerimizin Avrupa’da Staj Uygulamaları
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Humans are faced with to deal with different and various problems in their lifetimes. This survival efforts are given different territorials, but the main strugle is the phsyical one in the life. Human existance are under threat many different factors. In these threatining factors contain communicable diseases and humans have to face them. The strugle between the human extistance and threatining factors is a continued process and is affected by technologic development. Correspondings to all these developments to these communicable diseases, they have been effective on the human lives existance. AIDS, Sars Disease, hepatitis, bird flu and crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever are various kinds of these communicable diseases. The strugle between diseases and human existance is shouldered to nurses after nurses. Nursing care as a Professional field is not only an occupation to caring diseases and treatment but also it is an occupation that doesn’t discrimination on people by their age, identity, gender differences. In the perspective of overpopulation of our country, nursing care is an important occupation field at the national level. This field is important today and its importance is going to grow day by day. Once the quality of the nursing care field is goingt to rise, human lives quality will rise too. And this quality of the profession is related to the people who works in this field and their Professional sufficiency. İbni Sina Vocationl nd Technical Training High School is one of the outstanding institution that has been growing paralel the nursing care proession and its importance. The school gives a proper and specific education in Nursing Care to the potencial students who are going to be a sector worker in line with the requirements to the sector’s needs The locak area’s low level of developmet causes the lacking of applied-training. So in the light of lacking of applied-training, our students are suffered from unreachable things. Also the shortages of the curiculum effect our students Professional development. These lacking stituations are effect both our students and the nursing care profession itself. The expectaition of the nursing care profession and employment levels depends on students’ evolvements on the practical knowledge and sufficiency. The needs that students are suffering from are going to be an selective element of the employment in the private sector or the public service. In order to respond these needs there had been created a partnership between İbni Sina Vocational and Technical Training High School and Klinik am Bürgerpark, Capio Deutsche Klinik Otterndorf, Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny w Bialymstoku under an Erasmus Plus project. These institutions curriculums were prepeared by using Professional ethic codes and knowledge, they are also a very well-know institutions in the nation-wide. Also they have an enormeous thecnological equipment. 2 weeks education and intership program had been planned to contain communicable diseases and hospital infection. Main purposes of our project; - Increasing the employment possibilities and skills, - Providing the integration in professional working life, - Providing the proper knowledge on communicable diseases and their threatment, clinical features, controlling diseases, nursing care and immunization against diseases, - Developing skills suc as entrepreneurship, team working, social adaptation etc. - Developing Professional foreign language and using the foreign language on Daily level, - Providing our participants the conciousnes on Europeanness, - Rising our schools quality level by the applications which brought from the partner institutions from EU, - Supplying the sector’s need on the qualified personnel. 30 students attended the training program which lasted 2 weeks. First and second mobility had occured the dates between on 18 October and 1 November in 2015 in Germany and Poland. The third movement had been occured on 1-15 November in 2015 in Germany. Each student groups had a one companion teacher in order to accompanying them.
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