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ODISEA - Immersion dans les métiers du Tourisme
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

It is in the context of skills training Agent ( e) Tourism for low-skilled, the organization of language and cultural immersion, organized each year for a group of 14 people. The project is aimed at disadvantaged groups, largely from immigration , unemployed / honest long-term and low-skilled . It turns out that the tourism sector offers great employment opportunities for people as long as they have language and cultural skills . As for the choice of the target country ( Spain ) , it is always motivated by a basic knowledge of the Spanish language by the audience. For the tourism sector , English is the second language used in the internships. Learning these languages ​​requires immersion to operationalize the learning outcomes . Added to this is the importance of Spain as receiver tourist country. For its part, the host organization ( Lexitours Viajes ) ​​is an organization specializing in language , culture and tourism training (it is actually Supervisor Tourism Studies with Spanish universities ) , it is also a travel agent . Training in Brussels spans 7.5 months (September to mid-April) and focuses on developing skills Agent ( e) Tourism . From mid-April, a week of observation and specific training for Tourism in Spain held in Madrid in collaboration with a local partner in the tourism sector . Specifically, the 14 beneficiaries staying in Madrid Saturday, 11.04.2015 Saturday, 04.18.2015 at included where they will be supported and supervised by our partners Lexitours . They then head to their place of internship in a region of Spain and a host structure chosen in advance, the training takes place from Monday, 04/20/2015 to Saturday, 20/06/2015
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