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Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project is to combat with the growing unemployment, especially among young people in the region. The adverse demographic development and lack of interest in studying especially in technical schools leads to the fact, that pupils with weaker academic results are accepted, and usually with inadequate knowledge and skills. They lack the ability to think creatively and logically present context. In the group there are also students from the Roma ethnic group who live in disadvantaged environment and do not have suitable conditions to prepare for teaching at home. That has an impact on early school leaving. The competencies of our teachers are good, most of them completed training for the use of various modern technologies in teaching. The lack of quality didactic equipments, and the necessary technological equipment for training and professional experience does not enable the school adequately modernize the educational process and prepare comprehensively equipped personality well prepared for the EU labor market.Another aim of the project is to improve the quality and attractiveness of the vocational technical education in the field of construction, graphics , electrotechnology and internationalization of the school. The school wants to focus the training content mainly in areas where it is able to provide quality training, or work experience for students. The school lacks workshops for professional practice for students of a construction sector, or a modern laboratory where students could perform tests of materials. Mobility will help the students studying civil engineering with its focus on architecture of the target country. Pupils in concrete and lucrative realities will get more familiar with the most important rules applicable to artistic creation in a certain period of time and some marginal areas.This will enable them to better understand the architectural disposition, plan and altitude range of constructions , arrangement volume, mass or composition. We want the students of the graphic digital media sector to focus mainly on working with different application software for creating graphics, websites, editing photos, videos and electronic publications. The students of the mechanic electrician sector will focus on improving their knowledge in the field of design, production and testing of printed circuits, programming of the machines etc.Students of the branch of car mechanic will focus on basic activities like the assembly and disassembly of motor vehicles, for example. gear, exchange cylinder head, steering and braking systems. The school wants to help to deepen , improve the training and the preparatione of its students by involving them in the project. For success at work, but also in life, in addition to professional knowledge and skills it is often important to an individual's ability to work well and communicate with other people.The mobility of pupils enables the students not only to learn about modern technologies, workflows, but they will gain a realistic attitude to solving problems and to adapt to a foreign work environment. Internship will allow them to become familiar with another EU country, its history and present, to learn about the culture, the mentality of people, make new contacts and friendships. Project participants represent five sectors of the vocational school, namely: engineering, mechanic-electrician, machinery and equipment mechanic, graphic of digital media and car mechanic. The number of participants by target countries and sectors:a) Target Country: United Kingdom - Portsmouth. Number of participants 7. Sectors: graphic of digital media, mechanic-electrician and engineeering. Estimated date of placement: October-November 2015. The period of placement 3 weeks. b) Target country: Hungary - Budapest. Number of participants 7. Sectors: mechanic electrician, car mechanic, machinery and equipment mechanic. Estimated date of placement: October-November 2015. The period of placement 3 weeks.Taking into consideration the fact that our region does not have a lot of firms, students do not have the chance to attent vocational training in real firms. The practicing of theoretical knowledge and practical skills enables us to improve their professional training. The participants are underage, their health condition is excellent, they do not need any special care. Their linguistic competence corresponds with CEF's requirements for B1/B2 level. The vocational training should enable students to improve the following skills: ‐to learn about new working methods and steps, ‐to gain information about new technologies and applications, ‐to learn about the working morals and discipline of the workplaces, ‐to practice a foreign language in everyday communication, ‐to learn the professional vocabulary in a foreign language and to use the practical skills, ‐to learn about the cultural, social and political life of the states, ‐to strengthen the perso
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