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Odborné praxe v Anglii a Irsku
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will help to increase the quality of practical training of students. Students will pass their mandatory practice abroad and learn about the real working life. Foreign experience perfectly fits into the concept of preparation of our students because of their focus on international trade and multimedia. Experience abroad is irreplaceable for them. Thanks to stay abroad, participants will receive a new experience, knowledge and skills that they will later use in their future study, at work and in their private lives. Participants will try out independent living abroad, get to know their strengths and weaknesses, improve their English and job mobility. Implementation of the project responds to labor market requirements too. Nowadays employers expect from our graduates not only professional knowledge but also good practice and a very good level of English. The project aims to improve the quality of professional practice of students. Work experience abroad will help participants in further studies. It will improve their future employability. The project will contribute to the development of professional knowledge, skills and competencies of participants, to progress in English and will increase their labor mobility. The aim of the project is also gaining working habits and personal development of participants. Internships will allow participants to become familiar with new cultural and economic environment and to gain life experiences. For the school, it is important, that our project meets our goal to be an open educational institution that cooperates with foreign partners, draws inspiration from them and provides modern European education, which is practice oriented. Project is created for students of Business Academy in the 2nd and 3rd year of study who are specialized on international trade or multimedia communication. The training program will be an integral part of their compulsory professional practice. Internships will be four weeks long. Internships will be attended by 20 students, 12 in the UK (one group will go to Birmingham and another group to Portsmouth) and Ireland 8 and 3 accompanying persons (one in with each group). Before leaving for an internship, participants will undergo preparatory courses at school. Participants will work in small and medium-sized companies and organizations in the areas of trade, foreign trade, administration, marketing, PR and IT and multimedia. Accommodation will be provided in host families. Detailed work program of internships will be set individually for each participant according to his/her specialization, needs and preferences. There will be the common basis of the content of internships for all participants, corresponding with learning unit ECVET. Depending on the placement, participants will work on PC, use software and office equipment, deal with business correspondence and phone calls, work with documents (archiving, scanning, copying, review of documents, preparation of invoices, etc.) seek new business partners, create databases, perform inventory, work with accounting documents, attend meetings with business partners, carry out activities in the field of marketing, PR, work on the Internet and social networks. The results of the project will be mainly in intangible form. They will be reflected in professional knowledge, skills and competencies of participants. Internships will also bring participants greater independence and self-confidence and a better level of English. Participants will improve their position when entering university or a job after graduation. The tangible results of the project will be certificates, Europass Mobility, ECVET protocol Placement Evaluation, photo documentation from practice and free time of participants and articles and information materials on school websites and in the press. The impact of the project on the sending organization will be in the field of international cooperation, exchange of experiences, improvement of teaching methods and image building of the school. Studying at our school will become more attractive for students. Project will also affect the quality of human resources in the school. We will also use gained experience in our future project activities. From the European point of view the project is important because of its impact on the development of participants´ mobility, intercultural experience and knowledge English. The project implements European qualification tool ECVET and uses Europass Mobility.

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