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Odborná kvalifikace studentů - brána k jejich budoucnosti
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Repeated applying for the program Erasmus+ is motivated with our students’ interest and very positive responds and experience from the side of participants who appreciate the professional attitude of receiving parts and possibility to acquire new experience and to get awareness of their qualification and skills in new, different work environment. Students appreciate new skills and competences that can be used at work. Their observations motivated us to prepare new application which was extended in innovations in the field of mobility that is specifying the learning outcomes in ECVET system and level of qualification (EQF - Europe Qualification Framework) in acquired knowledge, skills and competences. The prepared project has been called “Students Professional Qualifications - Gate to their Future”. The sending organization is Business academy and Hotel School Třebíč, which is, with its 900 students, one of the biggest in the region of Vysočina. The project will be open for all students, including students with study or behavior difficulties, students with difficult family background or students from socially disadvantaged families. To the internship abroad we would like to send students of 2 or 3 form of apprentice branches (Hairdresser, Cook-waiter, arranger- Window Dresser, Confectioner ) and study branches (Hotel Industry, Tourism, Business academy) as follows: Spain/Malaga: September 2016 (7 students represented branch of study) Spain/Tenerife: March 2017 (7 students represented branch of study) Ireland/Dublin: March 2017 (7 students represented branch of study) Finland/Tampere: September 2016 (7 students represented branch of study) The internship stays should last 3 weeks, in the case of stay in Tenerife 4 weeks. Workplaces: restaurants, cafés, bars, receptions, hotels, tourist information centres, companis - SME, travel agencies, hairdressers’, arranging studios. For students, participation in the project will mean gaining valuable experience through adapting to and working in new, different social environment and joining the process of labour qualification. The project will increase students’ study and work motivation, improve and enhance their language knowledge, increase students’ awareness of their social competences, the world of work and its demands. Activities in the phase of educational and motivational dialogues with students: - motivating students in the beginning of vocational training (apprentices, socially disadvantaged students) to be successful in their chosen professions and not to be satisfied with second-rate, - enhancing interest in further education (languages, expertise) of senior students, - establishing contacts with experts from EU countries, - learning new cultures, traditions, differences in European gastronomy, tourism, hairdressing, advertising, - improving participants’ possibilities of employment in the changing European work market – getting Europass mobility and learning outcomes in the system ECVET, where the mobility participants are evaluated through acquiring learning credits which show the EQF level they have achieved in their skills, knowledge and competences, The main objectives of the project: - enhancing vocational, language and social skills at the participants, - getting new experience through non-formal learning in language different environment, - improving students’ practical qualifications in the field of gastronomy, animation programs, new trends in hairdressing and window dressing, - developing relationships between SME and educational centres, - improving quality, innovative and practical processes in vocational training, mainly in the form of multinational cooperation, - support of participants’ personal development, - respond to the higher demands from the side of employers (independent making decisions, solving problem situations, organizing, planning, being responsible for own decisions). Outcomes: - getting Europass mobility, certificates, and learning outcomes in ECVET system, where the mobility participants are evaluated through acquiring learning credits which show the EQF level they achieved in their skills, knowledge and competences - “What we have brought from Europe” – presentations and introducing trends and innovations in gastronomy (recipes, ingredients), tourism (animator’s work), window dressing and hairdressing (new trends, technologies) from all visited EU countries, - transferring innovations into learning process, - portfolio of visited countries, towns – in the form of presentations, - photos from each internship.
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