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Oceans divide, Youth unites
Start date: Dec 28, 2012,

"Oceans Divide, Youth Unites" involves NGOs from, Latin America (Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay) and EU (Hungary, Spain, United Kingdom)'.Increasing unemployment and precarious work amongst young people, in Europe and in Latin America, has made inclusion of youngsters into the labour market more difficult, even for highly educated young people. Our main target group: young people from rural areas, or from migrant minorities roma, background (ethnic minority), indigenous. They will be trained, and transmit their knowledge to other young people through non-formal education methods to foster creativity, sense of initiative, entrepreneurship, and employability.The young people are working as volunteers in several fields (education, social services, culture).VÆluntaiy-work-is-one-of^e-basi^oolsrenhaneing^eei^^^society. It provides important employment training and is a pathway into the labour market.20 youth workers and 120 youngsters from 6 countries will be trained to be multipliers for active citizenship on local level, with global horizons, and develop participative activities in local youth work, relying on the values of inclusion, diversity and sustainable development, in the framework of an international network of learning support.2 International Seminars (Hungary & Uruguay), 6 Local Courses (1 per partner) and 12 Job Shadowing's (2 per partner) will focus on the different realities of local youth work. Topics will be non-formal learning, methods for inclusion of/for vulnerable groups, project development and project management - all contributing to a better quality of youth projects through an active transfer of methodology. The target group: young youth workers, multipliers and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds who later on can act as peer-promoters in follow-up projects tackling employability.An Evaluation Meeting (Paraguay) brings together the partner countries' project leaders (6 experts) to evaluate and report the whole process.Partners and participants will be actively involved in all phases of the project: from preparation and research to implementation and evaluation of the own projects.The website will be a decisive tool for youth work related communication, exchange of good practices of sustainable projects, and common learning.Dissemination of the outcomes and training materials will be done trough the different websites of thepartners, and social media as FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, etc. A booklet with an explanation of the projectwill be given to all partners and supporters, as well as disseminated in the meetings of local and regionalnetworks of youth work professionals and multipliers.
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