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Occupational Safety and Consciousness For Youth
Start date: Jan 12, 2015, End date: Aug 12, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

With this project, named as ?Occupational Safety and Consciousness for Youth?, we aimed to build consciousness for occupational safety for the youth that are our future workers and gave information about what should be done at the moment of the accident and post-accident process. Also we aimed to teach them having a job isn?t enough but also returning home safe is very important. In this sense, our project lasted fortnight between 16-29th May, by the partnership of Romania and host country Turkey. Project was put into practice at Samanda? ?smail ve Mehmet Selim Kara Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. There were 28 participants in this project, 14 of them were from co-operating country Romania and 14 of them were from host country Turkey. Participants ages were between 15-29 and 26 of them high school student, one officer and one of them was the leader of the cooperating schools. 11 of the participants were girls and 17 were male. For a fortnight we used our computer lab for the project activities. Almost all of the aimed activities were realized. In this context, a welcome program was organized for the guests so that they didn?t feel like complete strangers. An introduction meeting was organized to let this project be heard by more people, by the attendance of head official and mayor of Samanda? and press. Participants were informed about Erasmus+ and our project. Objects of the project and what we expect from the participants were introduced to them. Some workshops were organized for workers health and occupational safety. Researches were conducted about occupational hazards and work accidents, and then these researches were arranged as presentations to make them more solid. Occupational accidents in last year were researched and recorded as presentations. Discussions were organized on the subject of importance of working environment hygiene. Discussions and researches were organized about occupational diseases and precautions for them. A workshop organized about emergency and natural disasters. Participants practiced a fire situation and studied how to act in fire situations. Presentations were made for the usage of fire extinguishing tools. A noticeable poster was created about occupational safety and health for youth, then this poster were placed all of the classes and workshops. A short movie named ?occupational safety and health? was made and presented to the participants and students of the school. All the activities of the project were assessed and Youthpass certificates were given to the participants. With the closing ceremony, project was ended. In general, we can say that we reached general and specific objects of the project. All the participants took role in the activities. So we can say that these young people, who will be in business sector, gained consciousness about occupational accidents, occupational safety and occupational diseases. So we made sure that these young people know working environment precautions and safety practices and they are now at the level of using appropriate activities. Along with these benefits, we witnessed young people from two different cultures could come together, work and help each other for some mutual objects. Besides lifelong friendships were formed by the project. The rule of using foreign language gave some level boost for participants foreign language levels. Participants have grown global values by knowing different cultures.

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