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Obuka učenika iz oblasti akvakulture
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Fishing is an economy sector which uses catching of fish and other aquatic animals in nutritional and industrial purpose. Besides fish as the main catch, frogs, crabs, clams, sponges and tortoises etc. are also being caught from fishing waters.There are two groups of water: salt waters (sea) and fresh, inland located waters (rivers, lakes).Freshwater fishing includes the use of so-called natural, open water i.e. all running or stagnant waters (rivers and lakes), but there are also ponds, artificial bodies of water. Freshwater fishing is a part of agriculture and fish farming in ponds is a branch of animal science. When breeding fish in ponds, fish is held in closed space, so the pond can be emptied, cleaned and filled with water and fish calves when necessary. Trout and carp, the fish suitable for breeding, is the topic of our project. Fishing in the Republic of Croatia has a rather small share in GDP, but plays an important role in the socio-economic situation of a large number of people. Despite the low value, fishing provides employment on the islands and the continent, especially in rural areas. In some regions, fishing and particularly fish farming are closely connected with the development of rural tourism, considering the fact that fishing is a source of high-protein food, which is an important element in the human diet. There are 39 registered companies engaged in freshwater aquaculture in Croatia, of which 16 are farming warm - water (carp) and 23 cold - water species (trout).As we have pointed out, in the third year Veterinary technician vocational educational profile, students have the subject “Cultivation and diseases of fish and bees” in the fund of 2 hours per week (70 hours per year).The school has no practical bound for fish farming (pond or similar) so students do not have the ability to acquire practical knowledge and experience related to breeding, care and exploitation of fish stocks. Therefore, the participation in this project would provide an opportunity for the students to extend their theoretical knowledge and gain excellent practical experience.The overall objective of this project is to educate students in the field of fisheries with an emphasis on the production of carp and trout in small areas within the farm.The students will have the opportunity to see how fish farming may be complemented with other facilities such as accommodation and natural food on a small farm, and in the purpose of promoting rural tourism.They will also have the opportunity to gain important experience in the financial management of a farm with a small pond.With this mobility, the students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves with the culture, customs, traditions and historical and natural sights of the host country, the Republic of Macedonia.Participation in this project will enable the students to acquire the following knowledge and skills: - Expansion of theoretical knowledge related to fish farming, - The acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge of external conditions in the breeding of carp and trout, - Learn about the way of construction of ponds (location, materials for ponds, etc.) - Get practically involved in the process of production and breeding of carp and trout (spawning, growth and fattening of fish) - Implementation of measures for hygiene in ponds- Introduction to fish diseases and their treatment- Get familiar with work protection when working in the pond- Learn about the ways of protection of natural environment surrounding the pond - Learn how to perform fishing and fish transport- Learn the local recipes for cooking carp and trout- Learn the nutritional value of fish meat- Learn how to develop a business spirit- Get acquainted with the customs, culture and language of their host Upon their return, the students will share all the knowledge and skills with other students who did not take part in this mobility at their school, with their teachers and other interested parties.In addition to reports, discussions and presentations, students will transfer the practical experience gained through mobility by working on the nearby ponds in Križevci or the places where they live. Work on the ponds will cover all the activities from spawning fish to final market placement.A section (group) will be formed at school which would deal with fish farming, and the work would be carried out in nearby ponds or experimental aquariums.During dissemination the possibilities for breeding carp and rainbow trout in the near or distant surroundings of town Križevci will be explored.All the activities will be published on the school or the project Facebook page, in the local media (radio, TV) and with texts and photographs related to the activities during the implementation of the project on school noticeboards.
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