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Obrazovanjem do modernizacije elektrotehničkih zanimanja
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

School of Electrical Engineering through this project aimed to improve professional knowledge and skills of 24 students which are being educated in the following occupations: electrician, computer technician and technician for electrical machines with applied computing. By participating in the mobility project, students increased their knowledge and skills through practical work in the craft / companies in terms of expertise, language, social and personal competencies. They got familiar with work conditions n Germany, gained an insight into the practical elements of the work in the modernized workshops and insight into the main elements of the work which is necessary for successful implementation of the occupation. Students improved knowledge of the German language, became familiar with German culture and sights of the city of Leipzig, which contributed to a better understanding and respect for other nations and cultures, and to increase awareness of the common European identity. The entire project was implemented in three phases, namely: preparation of mobility, mobility implementation and monitoring of the implementation of mobility. The first phase included the publication of the results of the project approval through the website, bulletin board school, parents and teachers meetings etc. The school announced a public invitation for participation in mobility project with clearly defined criteria. Upon selection of participants, school called the meeting with students / parents and teachers where they they were briefed on all the elements essential for the successful implementation of the project. The school did all the technical and administrative details essential for the implementation of the project (preparation of documents, organization of transport, informing participants) and provided the linguistic and cultural preparation for the students. Mobility of the 24 students was conducted at the partner institution Vitalis in March 2016. Within mobility, participants increased their competences as following: • Electricians increased their professional knowledge and skills in the work area on the parameters of passive and active electronic components and electromechanical components, installing the necessary drivers and software, and online searches, reading circuit diagrams, testing and control of safety of electronic products, repair of defective devices and electronic appliances and other areas important for the quality and proper apprenticeship for that occupation. • Technicians for computing increased their expertise in the acquisition of skills and the use of hand tools and mechanisms for material processing, handling measuring tools and instruments, to learn about the new technologies of printed boards, working with various computer programs, test circuits, making various electronic flash and siren, digital electronics, introduction to computer equipment and modernized its personalities, finished installing the program according to the needs and others. • Technicians for electrical machines with applied computing increased their competence in the field of work on the application of computer techniques and programming of electrical machines, design, construction, data processing, work at the operational and technological preparation of production of electrical machinery and equipment, construction of parts of electrical machinery etc. In these occupations, lack of modernized equipment results in difficulties in teaching about the work of the technologies necessary for their subsequent transition to the labor market. Information technology is one of the fastest growing sector of these days- constant development of equipment, software and operating modes requires continuous improvement of people / employees / future employees to be fully able to meet the needs of the labor market. Through this project, students got the opportunity to work on the most modern equipment and to connect theory with practice and thus greatly increase their knowledge and skills and the ability to effectively and efficiently perform work. Results of the mobility have been transferred to other students of the School with dissemination activities. Dissemination of the project have been made during all phases of the project and after the project mobility, and included dissemination through parent-teacher meetings, websites applicants and partners, school councils, various seminars, TV stations and various gatherings where participants disseminated information about the project and thus encourage the strengthening and point the importance of vocational education and lifelong learning for personal, educational and business development. These project activities are in line with the Europe 2020 strategy for ensuring the mobility of students in VET and linking education with the labor market.
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