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Образование в пиксели
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The students of lower social- economical status often are supposed to achieve less results by their teachers, as well as by themselves and their parents. This situation won’t change unless it’s accepted that all the children can have achievements at a very high level. The teachers should be led by the idea that all the students need different methods and procedures of education. Now there are approachable technological products available, which are far more attractive for students and with their assistance the quality of education can become considerably better . That means that the needs of education in relation to the personality of each student can be easily distinguished and analyzed and the difficulties can be overcome comparatively faster. The digital world needs new subjects and a wider educational content. The aim of the presented Project is to focus on less items which are taught in a better way and learned in depth. The small educational system that is going to be build by our organization has created an excellent technological basis up to now. Relying on that as well as on the permanent intention to improve the educational process Our Organization is going to create a Platform for electronic learning characterizing with upgrading and integrating various informatics and communicative technologies in the traditional educational context. The “Sofronii Vrachannski” Secondary School now has created an excellent technological basis. With the Platform the school is going to raise the educational standards establishing opportunities for its students to reach the educational materials in time and place they choose, personalizing the educational process and the quality of learning. Additional classes led by well qualified teachers –volunteers are planned to be supplied for the young people who need it. In relation to the content and organization the integrating of various technologies is planned to be done with the assistance of ten teachers, participants in the Project in different ratio between the traditional and electronic educational technologies. A methodology for unifying the methods of creating the educational content, the design of supplementary electronic forms and organizing the special education of the teachers’ staff is worked out. The equipment of conducting an all-day training of the fulltime groups is provided – 3 computerized studies, free wi- fi, and multimedia set –ups. The rest of the teachers’ staff will have the opportunity to use the educational program that is going to be established and this is going to guarantee a high- level teaching and would add an additional content to the 5-8 classes educational process. The present Project is based on the fulfilled one in 2011, such “Komenski”project – GALE where the final product is an educational game, but in this game were interested only students and teachers having good command of English. Now this Project idea is going to be used and applied giving an opportunity of 5-8 classes students in a social risk and children with special necessities to use a wider base of of lessons , tests, audio and video presentations already in Bulgarian. All of these would help them learn their lessons more easy with a contemporary and well-known way. The planned activities are: 1.Organizing competitions in order the students themselves to check how stable their knowledge is studying in a semi-boarding group. These competitions are going to be within the school but after gaining some confidence of their new place at school the students would participate in regional competitions. 2.Open classes - once a week, so that parents, colleagues, educational inspectorate and local officials to monitor the achievements of the students and teachers created the platform. 3.Presentation of the electronic program in urban and regional teacher conferences to share experiences and to exchange good practices. 4. Future parents’ meetings to explain the initiative that is launched. Parents will be convinced that this is a long-term strategy of the school which will be offered to their children more during their secondary education. Their idea of the relationship teacher - student - parent will improve. Full implementation of this program in the curriculum aims to raise the level of training and possible higher accreditation of the school. Students' interest in social risk to the learning process becomes lower. To change this we need to convince ourselves, other colleagues, the local community that the new teaching methods are useful and not another ”bravura” initiative. Here is the main reason for the preparation of this project. The idea is to show something new that goes beyond the traditional education. When this is explained and presented in an appropriate manner, with intelligence and respect, parents will feel safe to entrust us with their children.

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