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Obiettivi di sviluppo del Millennio: I Giovani di oggi sono gli adulti di domani
Start date: Nov 1, 2009,

The current socio-political situation of most countries ail over the world is worrisome. The annual report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) highlights that the gap between poor and rich countries is growing. According to this report "the level of Inequality is somehow appalling". At the end of 2000, during the summit organized by the United Nations, the Heads of State from all over the world signed the Millennium Declaration by which they commit themselves to achieve eight goals by 2015. These goals were considered as irrevocable and Irrefutable conditions to halve poverty. With the current trend, more than 40 countries, 33 in the Sub-Saharan Africa, a region having more than a quarter of the world population, will scarcely achieve, by 2015, half of the planned goals. As we said, the main goal is to halve poverty by 2015, through the following actions:Eliminate extreme poverty and hunger-Allow people to access the primary school-promote gender equality and give more power to women-Reduce child mortality-Improve mother's health-Fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases-Guarantee environmental sustainability-Develop a global cooperation for developmentThe achievement of this goal is a priority for all countries and is the sole possibility to guarantee a pacific living in aglobalized world. However, the lack of efforts by the governments, the lack of a "common action" and the raisingnumber of conflicts in our planet hinder the achievement of a global reconciliation.Which role may young people play in this action?Today's young people will be the adults of 2015; the ones who should check the outcomes produced, and face theconsequences of unsuccessful actions.It is necessary to make them responsible, committed people and active participant. Other essential subjects areyouth associations who should help young people to face and know these issues. In this respect, it is required to:-Make young people responsible and committed towards global issues linked to the Millennium goals and promote an active role in achieving them;-Promote the skills of youth organizations to involve young people in the issues above through the exchange of good practicesActivities:Information campaign on the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and launch of a competition addressed to young people - production of a short film;Organization of a campus in Italy for young people and for the representatives of youth organizations. The campus aims at 1. Spreading a culture of solidarity and voluntarism, 2. Informing on the current voluntary opportunities and on the importance of having a sober life 3. Training on solidarity, voluntarism, and international cooperation and give them the tools to understand and intervene in an aware and coordinated way. The campus will see the presence, among ¡others, of youth workers that will contribute to find suitable and efficient tools to involve actively young people. The campus will have the form of an "open campus" that is to say it will try to spread the main themes outside the Italian boundaries. We planned 2 out-door workshops in Spoleto, the town where GSI Italia has its seat, on the theme "Young People and the Millennium Goals"; Creation of a campus addressed to young people ^within a project of international cooperation; documentary made during the campus in Kenya, with the script and shots made by kids; Days film:

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