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Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “We Want to decide about our town with You“ came into existence due to the need of young people who participate or would like to participate in democratic life of their city. Children's Council has been actively working in Kopřivnice of the Moravian-Silesian Region for 15 years. The Council has been a connecting link between students and school leaders, and at the same time, instrument for communication between the youth and city authorities. Children's Council also initiates events for their contemporaries and the public. By its engagement in public life, the Council pursues the goal of improvement in the standard and quality of living of Kopřivnice citizens. These young people wish to discuss their activities with other young similarly active people from different social environments, they wish to pass their time-tested methods and experience, and to acquaint themselves with practice, methods and experience of others. At the same time, they wish to pass the example of good practice to young people who are strangers to such tool of engagement of the youth in public life. Deputies of young people from the Czech city of Kopřivnice have been communicating with their contemporaries from the French city of Trappes, where Children's Council is also run, about their common project for more than a year. The main goal of the project is international cooperation in the area of engagement of young people in public life and decision-making processes. The submitted project originated after joining of the partner from the Polish city of Myszkow. Interim project goals - exchange of experience of Kopřivnice children's deputies with their counterparts from the French city of Trappes, - mutual cognition of methods and working procedures of both groups in countries and cities in which they are engaged in, common processing of the “Children's Council as a Tool for Joint Decision Making about our City“ methodology, - presentation of the methodology to a third party which is involved in the project - young people from the Polish city of Myszkow, - assistance with presentation of the methodology and initiation of its implementation in Myszkow are fully reflected in four planned activities of the project. Two project activities will be held in the Czech Republic, one in France and one in Poland. Doings which will improve the level of key competencies and skills of the engaged young people from France and Czech Republic will take place in the course of the first and second activities. Tangible output of these two activities will be the methodology “Children's Council as a Tool for Joint Decision Making about our City“. Creators of this example of good practice will hand it to the group of young people from the Polish city of Myszkow, who are not familiar with the form of Children's Council, in the course of the third activity. All participants will simultaneously continue with collective dialog and learning. The fourth activity, in which the Children's Council of the Czech Republic and a group of young people from Poland will participate, aims, besides participants of the project, at hundreds of young people of Myszkow, who will be introduced to the methodology for functioning of Children's Councils. Using methods of informal education throughout the whole project duration, the project strives to strengthen competencies of young people in the field of project logics, project management, conceptual work and presentation. Through international dimension of the project and support of cross-cultural dialog, the project has ambitions to contribute to personality development of young people, build their confidence, strengthen their sense for initiative, their entrepreneurial spirit, support their involvement in democratic life, improve their cross-cultural awareness with emphasis on European diversities and unity, and last but not least, to contribute to their practical communication in a foreign language. By realization of the project, we expect positive personality development of the project participants, acquisition of knowledge, betterment of competencies in the above described fields, and successively actual impact on functioning of Children's Councils in Kopřivnice and Trappes, and local public life in Myszkow. Methodology named “Children's Council as a Tool for Joint Decision Making about our City“, which may serve as an example of good practice in other European cities, will be a concrete outcome of the project. One hundred and fifty seven direct participants from three European cities will participate in the project, not counting the accompanying persons. The participants will comprise of young people of the age of 13 to 30. The project shall, however, multiplicationally influence another thousands of young people from schools and cities which their deputies represent. Due to its mission, the project is significant for authorities of local public administration in cities, where the young participants live.
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