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O krok vpred s digitálnymi technológiami
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The priority of school ZS Dargovských hrdinov in Humenné is to enhance a quality of education using digital technologies, especially tablets, computers, to up-grade a computer literacy, to improve language and communication abilities using multimedia technology in school teaching. Execution of a project " A Step Further With Digital Technologies" will help us to achieve these aims: to extend key powers of pupils and teachers with a special emphasis on digital powers, foreign languages and international co-operation with EU countries, to graduate a training for development of a digital literacy, to acquaint with a theory and praxis of teaching and learning using tablets and computers, to aim a new approach of digital teaching, to become familiar with production of materials using tablet application, to use education software environment. It will be essential to build up and share our own teaching materials, tools, work papers, software activities, that will help pupils to get new knowledge in different subjects and to improve their ability to adapt curricula and set up lessons with tablets and computers, to build up multimedia educational materials in form of E-book, to build up a set of applications and tools Web 2.0, to use them in education and to integrate them in curricula. It is very important to develop and upgrade educational conditions of gifted and abled students.A team of 11 teachers from Primary and Lower Secondary School, a coordinator and our principal ship will work together on practising of school digital innovation within the frame of project “A Step Further With Digital Technologies”. The members of the project team are interested in technology innovations and pedagogical study, intercultural communication with the aim to improve on quality of education.They are open to make education more attractive by realisation of eTwinning projects in international co-operation. Our school and our school teachers want to plan and make curricula and school lessons by using tablets and computers in term of filling school digital innovation needs.We will realise 1 workshop and 6 courses. The 1st course Special needs children will be in the Czech Republic, the 2nd course Web 2.0 Tools for Effective Teaching and Project Work will take place in Cyprus, the 3rd course Digital Storytelling will be in Greece, the 4th course Tap-Swipe-Pinch-Tablet General will be in Estonia, the 5th course Technology in the classroom in Great Britain and the 6th course How to make your school more digital in Spain. Our courses are concentrated on using tablets at schools, integration of tablets and iPads technologies into school curricula, using tablets in education in different countries and becoming familiar with planning, creating school lessons with tablets. They will be helpful to learn more about different web tools Web 2.0, which can be used in school-learning and project work, develop and propagate innovative pedagogical methods by using Internet tools. They also will be concentrated on innovation methods in work with gifted students to realise international projects and co-operation.Getting to know digital school upgrading and monitoring the results of school digital sales, it will help us to improve digital sales at our school. The current students and future students of our school will benefit from initiatives implementers of the project. Teachers will pass their experience to their colleagues and pupils. They will also focus on target groups outside the school. After completion of the course, teachers will capitalize on the knowledge gained from the training courses under the name School projects and international partnerships via the Internet, which will complete all project participants. Learning how to use Web 2.0 tools and through them in these blogs we will publish material and information obtained from completed courses. Benefit from the implementation of this project will have present and future students of our school. Teachers will share the experience to their colleagues, pupils will disseminate the results in medias. They will share all their experience through the website to other Slovak teachers. They will create multimedia teaching materials in the form of electronic textbooks to develop a collection of applications and tools Web 2.0 and all teaching materials, reference to the eTwinning projects and activities to them during the work on this project succeeded to develop. With a network of training centrespartners schools we will maintain a contact and share each other's experiences.In the future we would like to focus on quality of digital educational content in a process of digitalization of our schooland the possibility of its links to the specific textbooks or workbooks for students. In addition, we plan to equip schools with other modern educational techniques which allow using digital learning content at normal teaching for several students simultaneously.

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