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Nyelvi és természettudományos minőségfejlesztés a kecskeméti Piarista Iskolában
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project aims at the development of the Piarist Primary and Secondary Grammar School of Kecskemét in two main directions: -on the one hand, making the school more international- developing language teaching, improving the conditions of international cooperations, partnership, developing the necessary competences and gaining knowledge -on the other hand, it serves to place the school’s ongoing projects into international context - it aims to make the school more capable of delivering its own developments, or adapting and providing the necessary international experiences The Piarist School does this as a school in Kecskemét, as part of the Hungarian piarist school network and part of the European piarist school network. These dimensions provide the background of the developments and the possible dissemination directions as well. The main direct targets of the project: 1. the improvement of foreign language teaching by sending language teachers to methodology courses (three people, 2 English and 1 French teacher) 2. Jobshadowing with one teacher’s participant in a German school laboratory. The mobility aims at collecting international experience for the development of the recently completed science laboratory to improve the practcice of our school, establish international connections related to sustainable development. As for the language didactics training courses, those colleagues get the chance and task, who take part in advanced language teaching. The colleague, who would take part in jobshadowing has an active role in the student laboratory project. In the process of realization, the first step is to define the courses, in case of jobshadowing the partner institution, which is followed by the preparation, recording the previous expectations and factual expected results. The realization of the mobilities are followed by assessment and the events of dissemination on the following levels: that of the institution, regional level, provincialate and international level. The dissemination plan ensures that the achievements of trainings and new experiences will be built into the operation of the school and will be available for the partner schools as well. Main prospective achievements: -methodological development in the field of international relations (partly embedded in international projects) -strengthening the international cooperations, mainly improving the strategic cooperation of the French language based relations, also the improvement of the colleagues’ language competences -in case of jobshadowing, reception of impulses and working out development projects in the field of international relations, non-formal education, quality management and the sustainability of the science laboratory - with the application of our currently existing international relations and infrastructure, gaining new professional and methodological knowledge, we intend to create a unique opportunity to our students in the field of language knowledge and science, where the students of our partner schools (mainly French) would have the chance to take part in science experiments based on German laboratories, using English as the language of work communication, either in person or virtually. The short- and long-term influence of the project can be the fact that the piarist school in Kecskemét will continue to have a developer role in the network of the piarists schools in Hungary and Kecskemét. It can keep its initiative role in the international relations, especially among the European piarist schools. In its own operation the effect can be the improvement of the quality of language teaching, enhancing the motivation of both teachers and students and the significant improvement of quality management. In addition, the science laboratory can maintain its regional developer role in the long run, even after the application and maintenance period.
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