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NYCI- Vote@16 Meeting
Start date: Aug 1, 2009,

The Vote@16 Meeting will be a one day meeting on the 19th September, from 11-4 in the EU Parliament Offices in Dublin. This meeting will bring together the NYCI Vote at 16 youth campaign group; young people interested in the issue of lowering the voting age; representatives of the European Parliament; representatives from Irish youth political parties; representatives from the sucessful campiagn in Austria to lower the voting age to 16; representatives from the Vote@16 campaign in the UK, Denmark and Norway and representatives from the European Youth Forum and the Minister for responsibility in this area, Minister Gormley. The theme of the event will be the european campaign to lower the voting age in European, National and local elections to 16 in Ireland and Europe. There will be 15 youth participants and 10 representatives of policy makers and campaign experts in the area of lowering the voting age.
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