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Nurses' Education Models - Nurses' University Level Education Models

Nurses' Education Models will undergo a scientific study and analysis leading towards the development of a series of theoretical education models for nurses.Scientific progress in therapy, new health disorders & medicines, in addition to upgrades in diagnostics and associated technical equipment, demand a level of parallel progress in the education of all medical professions, including nursing. European standards and the need for upgrading the quality of nurses' performance further allow for the development of educational structures in the European health sector.Following initial analysis, a series of theoretical training profiles will be presented to comprise both training content & outline curricula for the sector. Further to these profiles, new methods for training will be proposed for use both by tutors and via autonomous study.Beyond the research and development phase of the project, efforts will turn to dissemination to national and international health & nursing organisations, in-country nurses' organisations & chapters, state and regional health & education decision makers, influential politicians and parliamentarians to encourage potential insertion or practical employment of the outcomes of the project.

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