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„Nur wenn Du respektvoll mit anderen umgehst, wirst Du selbst Respekt ernten.“
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“If you are respectful to the others than you will earn it back” this is the name of the project for intercultural sensitization. 24 youth at the age of 15 to 22 from Bulgaria, Russia and Germany will be get in touch with the issues of respect, tolerance, European democracy and multicultural opening through art. The background of this project is based on the question: In what kind of way the above mentioned issues can reach those young people who come from social weak society and how they will show what they have learned in the society to make the world more respectful? The members will be educated with different pedagogic methods, which will improve their cognitive and emotional possibilities. Three aspects play a big role in our project. At first three countries come together to open a freedom leeway so that the issues can be taken in consideration in various ways. Therefore the aim is to find many possible interfaces between the life idea in those countries; experiences/expectations , tolerance, rights, responsibility and values of the members will be established through creative work to improve self confidence and the issues for themselves.The second aspect is about members' social life. Migrant organizations,youth institutions, people from our member countries and from the city Cologne, especially from the department Mülheim will get in touch with each other and will provide sustentation. The members will get to know some representative of the institutions of the departments in Cologne to Collect new experiences/ expectations. They will exchange their experiences/ expectations to improve their mind of thinking. So that new permanent networks will develop and deepen between these organizations and the city especially the department Mülheim will benefit from it. In the front of the project stands not only the theory but the practical part as well: exercises and excursions. The main actors of this project are the members. They will take an active part in the planing and the procedure. Their resources will be needed in this project what also plays a big role for them. Members will be told about culture and values of a multicultural democratically society. Between the youth will be build up a relation of understating. The project has the aim to connect the members closer to each other. Besides the project wants to appeal the current problems in the society and motivate them to find possible solutions. Members are at the same level, the language has any effects in between the communication. That's how a multicultural society is founded. The project improves the international cooperation in the out of school sector. Workshops, meetings, seminars and excursions are the daily issues of the project. The motto of the project "respect develops at the border of the contrary" (Reinhold Preißl *1960) will develop the live together during the stay of the other countries and after it. The whole project will be coordinated by the project leader and skilled pedagogues.During the project various exciting thematic activities will be done. As well new instruments will be developed to support the pedagogues in their work with the youths. With the help of those instruments the issues like tolerance, inter-culture and multi-culture , integration of young people in the daily society etc. will show the members that it is possible to deal with such a project in a short time. The project as a whole is an important issue for young people because it has a positive influence on their future.

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