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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

NEW METHODOLOGIES FOR A EUROLINGUAL TRAININGProject BackgroundVirgen del Carmen High School is an educational institution which holds 1350 students and 88 teachers. This school has been a French-bilingual one since 2004, when students started to study part of their curriculum using French as a vehicle of communication in the classroom (AICLE). In 2011 Virgen del Carmen started to pioneer the Educational Program Bachibac in Andalusia, where students deal with a mixed curriculum which leads to the Degree of Post-Compulsory Secondary Education according to the Spanish (so-called Bachillerato) and French (so-called Baccalauréat) Educational Systems. Furthermore, the next academic year our school is expected to start developing a multilingual project in which the teaching of English (as L3) will be enforced by training in a non-linguistic area (ANL). Our school belongs to the group of the 5 multilingual schools which are authorized in Andalusia to offer Bachibac and is among one of the three multilingual centers in the province of Jaén.Consequently, it is precisely at this point when we realize the need to provide the teaching staff with a solid training in new methodological trends, in more appropriate organizational measures and in measures of attention to diversity of the forthcoming multilingual students.Participants ProfileThe school has 24 bilingual teachers (some of them multilingual), which represents 28% of the teaching staff. The participants for the project have been chosen out of the total due to their high degree of motivation and most of them have some king of multilingual training (English, French or both languages).We can distinguish three different profiles among participants:1. Foreign language Staff (French and English) who require some training in: linguistic updating; the development of specific resources and materials; task-based learning; and organizing the curriculum in a foreign language.2. Non-linguistic Bilingual Staff (ANL), who require training in linguistic immersion and need to deepen: in their knowledge of English or French; in the elaboration of specific materials or resources; in task-based learning and in some tools useful to multilingual lessons.3. Non-bilingual Staff who are interested in getting some training to be able to take part in multilingual programs.The first two profiles are appropriate to take part in training courses as well as in job shadowing tasks, whereas the third one would intend to take up training courses in the selected language.Task Description1. Job Shadowing in four different schools where teaching is similar to ours. They could help us learn new methodologies, get new resources and could collaborate with us in the development of a European dimension.2. Training Courses aimed at attending teaching needs and focused on deepening in the teaching of English and French though methodologies such as task-based learning.Project MethodologyWe will set up a Eurolingual Comission in our school in order to select and study the kind of profile, the needs of participants, the assignment of specific tasks to different participants according to their needs and its impact at our school, the follow-up and evaluation of those activities as well as the correct spreading of this project. This commission will include a member of the managing staff, the Head of the bilingual Project, the Head of the Project Erasmus + and the Heads of English, French and the Head of the Training and Innovation Department.Description of the Outcomes and social impact.The project will have benefits in the long term. Our school is interested in broadcasting this project, its consequences and outcomes as much as possible. The spreading tasks will be controlled and supervised by the Eurolingual Commission. They will include:- The Partners’ Websites.- The Website of the Educational Authorities in Jaén.- European Portfolio.- Social Networks: twitter, facebook…- EtwinningIn the long term we intend to perform some tasks with our partners making use of videoconference and learning-shared platforms such as common projects in classrooms of the different partners. The outcomes and the analysis of surveys will be presented at those meetings of the Teaching Staff and the School Board.Undoubtedly, our students will be highly benefited from the new trends we intend to learn.

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