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Nudentity - Creating a positive body image
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 9 activity days youth exchange "Nudentity" will be held in Slovenia, in Cepovan, from 2nd to 12th August 2016, while the APV will take place previously, between 1st-4th July (including travel days).Sexuality education is a critical area of education and social policy. According to the definition issued by the Safe Project (IPPF European Network) in 2007, sexuality education aims at "disseminating general and technical information, facts and issues which create awareness and provide young people with the essential knowledge and training in communication and decision making skills they need to determine and enjoy sexuality both physically and emotionally, individually as well as in relationships". It provides information to children, teenagers and young adults about sexuality and its possible negative consequences.As consequences, the rate of involuntary teenage pregnancy in EU countries varies from 2%-5%, while the number HIV-positive people is around one million. Although improvements are done in this field lately, teenagers and young adults are getting most of the information from adult websites or gossip magazines, increasing their shyness, lack of confidence in themselves and lack of trust in their relations.This project is proposing a different sexual education approach, based on non-formal methods and art expression, focused on the individual.We are meaning to make young people aware of the beauty of their bodies, despites models and values imposed by the media, to accept and to love themselves the way they are. Self esteem, self acceptance and self respect, lead to accepting and respecting the others (inclusive values), lowering discrimination and improving attitudes towards facing discrimination based on physical attractiveness. The main message of this project is that sexual education start with getting to know oneself physically, how to use different parts of the body in different ways and how to connect this awareness with social and healthy relationships. Objectives:- to gather 30 young people from 5 different countries and set up a safe platform for breaking down taboos, stereotypes and prejudices regarding nudity and its negative aspects- to raise awareness about the equality values regarding the aspects of the human body, based on non-formal methods, intercultural dialogue and exchange of experiences- to empower and inspire 30 young people from 5 countries with creative tools, good practices and open attitudes for getting to know and use their bodies in a more confident way - to foster creativity using different ways of art expression in order to enhance the participants' courage and curiosity to ask for help, search and research sexual education matters in a safe way- to develop soft skills among the participants and create an united group able to share, spread and promote inclusive values in their daily livesParticipants:30 participants with age between 18 and 30 years, from Slovenia, Italy, Romania, Spain and Croatia, adding the organizing team, will create a pleasant intercultual atmosphere, where ideas and creativity will be developed in order to approach nudity and sexuality in a safe and natural way.Methodology:The main motif will be nudity, linked with own body awareness, social and artistic values, in order to break down the taboo of sexuality.Young people need to have a different approach to vulnerability, based on sincerity instead of fake masks, as it could be a solid base for collaborations and respect, and not a reason for competition or ignorance.The youth exchange is divided in 2 parts, both based on non-formal and artistic methods:1. Getting to know our bodies through introspective activities and visual arts (painting & sculpture) 2. Getting to use our bodies through practical workshops and performing arts: theatre and danceThere will be a lot of space for informal learning, intercultural learning, open discussions, reflection and evaluation.Impact:The learning process is meant to support the participants' personal growing, developing skills, improving attitudes and gaining knowledge regarding cultural and intercultural aspects, visual and performing arts, non formal education and intercultural learning. Based on the planned learning process that will develop around nudity as main theme, it is expected that the participants will make the first steps towards sexual education, being able to search and research information and tools and further on share it and spread in the communities and circles they belong.All results and outcomes will be passed directly and indirectly to the partners in order to apply or develop them in their local or international projects.Results:- 3 theatre plays presenting nudity from the perspectives of: arts, common sense and pillar for sexual education- 30 Youthpass certificates recognizing the learning process of the participants- dances, paintings, sculptures and crafts treating sexual education

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